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Has your life changed completely since you knew it after the lockdown? Ours has. And the travel industry has seen great success. All travel plans that we had before coronavirus have been revised or completely canceled. But what happens to the brave, the adventurous, or those who have some essential travel plans? What will you pack for your trips after the lockdown?

In this post we share ours Ultimate travel packing list after locking. It’s definitely better to over-pack than to apologize!

You can check out a full resource the Ultimate Travel Packing Listbut that was in the days before the corona.

On the other hand, we strongly recommend that you conduct your due diligence for Safe Post Lockdown Trip Plans.

We created a brand new ultimate travel packing list ADD-ON, for the brave souls who go abroad in the period immediately after the lockdown.

Yes, Packaging has changedNow it’s a whole different story. With many countries and local authorities enforcing pandemic SOPs including; wearing face masks!

Honestly, Before, wearing a mask in an airport would have resulted in questioning you and maybe even miss your flight!

Now you are the terrorist if you don’t wear a face mask.

You will need to carry your own soap, spare gloves, and all kinds for your travels. Therefore, this article should help you.

By the way, if you are spiritual we highly recommend that you get one Obsidian crystal Pixiu braceletIt is known to protect the wearer and bring him luck.

# 1. Pack of reusable washable face masks

Did you know that the coronavirus has been found to be able to survive on plastic for up to 7 days?

So be careful what kind of masks you get. Avoid these plastic surgical masks. Your health, your wealth. We recommend fabric masks. WHY?

Well, they have been found to be as effective at preventing the spread of coronavirus as the plastic ones through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Face masks have become mandatory after the quarantine. And we met “No mask, no entryCharacter. Get your washable, breathable fabric masks here.

Face Mask_Ultimate packing list for travel after locking

# 2. Ultimate Post Lockdown Travel Packing List – Toothbrush Sterilizer with Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

Remember that most toothbrushes are made of plastic. And as you know, the virus can stay alive on plastic for up to 7 days …

I hope you haven’t heard about it. You heard it here first. 😉 This means hands-free calling. It works with a solar UV light that contains a toothbrush holder for 4 brushes and a razor

It can definitely be a conversation starter as a bathroom addition. At your home.

It uses the suction function to be attached to a tile or glass wall. It’s so easy to take with you when you travel that you don’t have to use the jars that hotel cleaners typically DO NOT properly clean even without a pandemic.

You can see it below and in action Buy your toothbrush sterilizer here

You could even take a bamboo toothbrush and be done with it. So much creativity is going on today Listen.

Do not use hotel glasses on your toothbrush as they are usually not cleaned or disinfected by detergents.

# 3. Own cutlery set
If you

If you take your own cutlery or crockery with you when you travel, you can be sure that you have touched and cleaned it.

Even more so if you end up enjoying some street food. Very common in Africa, Asia and even Europe. Bring your own reusable cutlery and stay safe even while enjoying the local delicacies.

The same applies to your towels / handkerchiefs. Wear your own. Then you just know that you touched her.

Our set came with reusable drinking straws including the straw brush. You can Get yours here too.

Reusable cutlery_Ultimate packing list after locking

# 4. EXTRA hand sanitizer plus a 100 ml carry-on bag.

You never know. At Pkjulesworld we prefer to make our own hand sanitizer.

All you need is 70% alcohol in your little spray bottle and bingo. We Get ours from here. Here’s a great way to recycle and use your old hand sanitizer bottle.

If you are traveling somewhere and they don’t have disinfectant, don’t worry. Just buy 70% alcohol and you’re good to go.

We strongly recommend that when using public transport (flights, trains, buses, coaches, taxis, in Africa Boda-Bodas, also known as tuk-tuks, etc.) you spray and wipe surfaces before sitting / touching. Consider disinfection:

  • Seats
  • Armrests
  • Door handles
  • Aircraft food trays and containers
  • Seat belt
  • Overhead locker
  • Your luggage handle – it has been touched by airport handling services, bus drivers, or even your taxi driver.
  • Your cell phone – a very high quality piece. Must be refurbished daily.

And when you talk about disinfection, You MUST also be sure to sanitize your makeup brushes. This kit is for you.

Get your makeup tools, keys, cell phones and clean them so you can be sure your skin is clean as you use it.

# 5 Ultimate Post-Lockdown Travel Packing List – Antibacterial Wipes

– – Hand tissue

– – Hand cream how you will wash your hands over and over again. If you have sensitive skin, replenish your favorite hand cream. Too much disinfection can cause skin irritation. Our son was in agony with itchy hands from the ship buying handwashes that we used.

– Follow the information in the travel package

– Definitely paracetamol, zantac, pantoloc, ground ginger, mint tea … check out ours Ultimate travel first aid kit. For your health and wellness packing list.

– Bring your own towels and your own water bottle so you can refill knowing that only you touched them.

If you have sensitive skin, replenish your favorite hand cream.

# 6. Let’s talk about travel insurance

As a British citizen, we can no longer use our EHIC (European Health Card) in the EU from the year onwards January 2021 unless you have extenuating circumstances. We encourage you to check out ours Brexit article also.

Nevertheless, travel insurance is a MUST for us. We encourage you to make this your new normal as well.

According to our research, very few insurance companies actually cover you for coronavirus, and the premiums are sky high for the few that do. This situation can change over time. Please check in in your country.

We usually check travel comparison sites like Martin Lewis moneysavingexpert Website for our annual family travel insurance.

Even before it was blocked, we took a close look at the fine print for cancellations. As in most summers, airports and airline staff liked to strike, leaving a lot of travelers stranded in adverse conditions.

Most of all, now make sure that your travel insurance has you covered any kind of unforeseen cancellations or circumstances.

British nationals will no longer be able to use our EHIC as of January 2021.

Ultimate_Post-Lockdown packing list

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