The Future Fix: COVID and Critical Data Urban Planning

distance and Evergreen proudly present The Future Fix: Solutions for communities across Canada, a special podcast series.

THIS EPISODE: COVID and Critical Dates

We hear a lot about open data these days. Researchers are calling for it, governments keep promising more, and everyday people are using it to innovate and stand up for their communities. But what are we really talking about when we say “Open Data” and can it be used to meet urgent needs of the population such as housing, public health and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Tracey Lauriault, Associate Professor at Carleton University, specializes in critical media and big data. She has examined the theoretical framework for data and says that without critical data thinking, open data doesn’t go deep enough.

“Who is not considered? Who is invisible in conversation and who is overly visible in conversation, and then how can we fill that void to be fairer about data? “

Listen to the podcast to learn more about open data and equity.

In Winnipeg, a number of community-level organizations have come together to produce “Peg” A simple, searchable resource that allows people to compare various community health indicators such as basic needs, natural environment, and education. Jodene Baker is Director of Impact Innovation and Evaluation at United Way Winnipeg:

“You really have to have goals for yourself. You need to understand the wellbeing and health of the community. From this came Peg: The idea that caring is great, but you also need to take action and be able to track progress toward your goals. “

Listen to the episode to find out more about Peg.

The Future Fix is ​​a partnership between distance and Evergreen for the Community Solutions Network: a program by Future cities Canada. Evergreen works as a program manager Open the north and partners helping communities of all sizes across Canada navigate the smart city landscape. The Community Solutions Network is funded by Infrastructure Canada.

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