Pretty flowers | Classic bouquet from COCOCOZY Interior Design

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If you know me you will know i love to entertain and add flowers. I also regularly visit the flower market. There is only one thing about fresh cut flowers and plants that makes me happy! Pretty flowers for the home can really lighten your mood. I highly recommend it.

I also thought what a wonderful gift these pretty flowers would be for someone. I plan to send to some of my friends and family members to let them know how much I love them and miss them these days. Sending flowers is a beautiful act of kindness. Can be for a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, graduation, back to school to celebrate an achievement. I think the best flowers for yourself or those you love should only be given because of this!

If you want to order these pretty flowers for someone you know or for your own home, here is the link:

The classic bouquet from COCOCOZY

Please tag me on Instagram in pictures of these at your home and I will share them again in my instastories!

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