Position yourself and begin – living the life God intended Christianity

Hello how are you? I am fine. The weather was warmer here on the weekend so I wore sandals and no shoes. I’m sure my feet were throwing a party. So nice to be free. How are you all?

I was just getting on the mini trampoline the other day when I said to myself, “Position yourself and start”. These words spoke to me on a divine level.

This year felt like a few steps forward and a few steps back. It’s like dancing with the year. Sometimes it’s in control and sometimes I feel in control again (I know that God is in ultimate control).

But just as I’m feeling normal, something comes back a few steps. I’m not sure how much change and disruption we can continue to cope with as most of us are creatures of habit and how normal on our worlds.

But when I heard this word read, “Position yourself and begin,” I knew it was a prophetic word that came out. We’ve been through the chaos, now it’s time to reposition ourselves for what’s ahead.

I thought about it the other night, especially in relation to the 100 meter race. If you’ve ever done it at a school sports carnival you’ll know what I mean. You walk to the start line and spend time getting your feet in the right position. Then you lean forward to get your hands in the correct position, then wait for the starter weapon. Sometimes it seems that in this race you spend more time preparing than running.

Jesus is coming soon, and it seems like He prepared some of us a long time ago. Perhaps you are fed up with the position of preparation. But it’s time to take that position again. How do we do that?

1. Position your feet – prepare your feet to go where God wants them to go. Be ready to go and follow his lead. The sidewalk is narrow so open your eyes and get ready. Prepare your feet to kneel and pray.

2. Position your hands – get your hands ready for work and help. Put your hand on the plow and get ready for God’s move. Prepare your hands to help others along the journey. Prepare your hands to raise your arms in praise and worship.

3. Pay attention to the starter signal. Once you are in position, stay there until God says you go. Only he knows when it’s time. Don’t go too early and don’t miss out either. It’s going to be epic.

Go on patiently and wait for God to fire the starting weapon. It wasn’t long ago. We are all ready and ready for God’s greatest movement on earth.

So don’t miss out !!

I wish you a great week and live the life God intended for you.

Bless you bunch


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