Ireland is the up and coming destination for a university panorama Study Abroad

There are many aspects to consider when planning to study abroad, such as: B. the education system, the cost, the lifestyle and housing, the result of the investment made and many others. There are many countries that come to mind as they ponder these facts, which seems appropriate. Ireland was recently the country that became one of the top choices for international students studying abroad.

Study abroad in Ireland

Study abroad in Ireland

Why choose to study abroad in Ireland?

There are many reasons to study in Ireland. The training is recognized around the world, its institutions are globally networked and the graduates have great opportunities in all types of careers around the world. The students who are located near the UK also have the opportunity to explore the world while studying in Ireland. You can travel to different countries and cities and gain the experiences of a lifetime. More than 200,000 international students graduate in Ireland each year and that number has increased with each academic year.

World class education:

With 7 top universities in the world in Ireland, universities rank in the top 3% in the world, which makes them all the more attractive to employers everywhere. The level of education is one of the best in the world and is recognized worldwide for its educational system and research standards. International students have the option of staying and working in Ireland for up to two years after completing their studies in order to begin their careers in Ireland.

Connections to the outside world:

Since students in Ireland are the closest to the UK, they can find great career opportunities in the UK too. Not only the UK, but the students too have the opportunity to study in the US as they have an opportunity to refer and work with American companies.


There are many IT companies based in Ireland with their headquarters there. This makes it the most sought-after study destination for courses and careers in IT and computer science. As these companies have grown, there has been no shortage of opportunities for new graduates. Many other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, financial services and construction are booming sectors in Ireland with great career opportunities.

Affordable Education and Lifestyle:

Unlike many other countries, Ireland won’t dig a big hole in your package. With affordable education and lifestyle, international students get the chance to study at one of the best universities in the world and gain the experience of a lifetime.

Warm and welcoming:

Ireland is one of the safest and most welcoming countries for international students. The Irish are known as the friendliest people in Europe and are very warm to foreign students. Ireland also has the youngest population in the world, making it a vibrant country for young students.

How can Smart Help study?

Study Smart Overseas Education and IELTS Coaching is a leading and certified Overseas Education Consultant based in Pune, Delhi, Thane and Surat. We offer various services for students wishing to study in Ireland. We are recognized by the Education Committee of Ireland and have successfully placed large numbers of Indian students in Ireland. Our close relationships with students and Universities in Ireland, puts us in an ideal position to assist potential students looking to study abroad in Ireland.

Advice and guidance for students looking to study overseas in Ireland

We offer students advice and support with their applications and admission procedures for training abroad, starting with the creation of a profile, supporting the students in choosing the right course and the universities suitable for their profile, followed by the application procedure and receipt of the letter of admission. In addition, we support students in their decision-making process for graduation from the university where they would like to continue their education. We provide assistance with the visa application process as well as pre and post departure assistance. Thanks to our presence in Auckland and London, where we have our student support offices, students can always reach out to us if they need help or assistance in another country. We offer all of our admission services to many top universities in Ireland. We understand that you may have questions and concerns about moving to another country. Our study abroad advisors in Ireland have either studied or worked abroad. You can reach out to our knowledgeable Ireland study advisory team in Pune, Delhi, Thane or Surat for the guidance or assistance you need. Our student-centered and friendly team of Study Overseas Consultants for Ireland will be happy to assist you with the entire process, including financial data and scholarships at universities in Ireland, as well as help you with the provision of accommodation. In short, you can count on our team for accurate and relevant information as you study at top universities in Ireland.

IELTS COACHING for students wishing to study abroad in Ireland

We offer ONLINE coaching for Ireland as well as classroom coaching for exam preparation as this is an essential aptitude test for entering Ireland and one of the admission requirements for studying abroad. The online IELTS coaching rendered corresponds to classroom training with advanced training tools and equipment that can be used to teach. The LIVE ONLINE module for online IELTS training gives students the experience of a classroom where they can interact with the faculty and their fellow students during lectures. Every aspect of the IELTS exam was taken into account when designing our LIVE ONLINE IELTS coaching. Our offer for online IELTS training courses includes interactive live lectures, recorded videos, an online study portal with more than 250 lessons and practice quizzes for self-preparation that cover all IELTS topics, tips and tricks as well as information videos, module-wise and full mock tests .

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