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While many consumers have took their purchases onlineMany shoppers still crave the store experience. Online retailers are meeting this demand by offering Click and Collect, a service that combines the convenience of online shopping with the experience and immediacy of retrieving goods from a physical location. Current data suggest this sixty-two percent of buyers plan to increase their usage of click and collection services. Click and Collect sales are expected to be reached $ 74 million until 2022.

Despite its growing popularity, Click and Collect poses some challenges for online sellers. In this article, we’re going to discuss what offering Click and Collect involves and what sellers need to know in order for it to work.

What is click and collect?

Click and Collect – also known as online purchase, in-store pickup (BOPIS or BOPUS) – is a hybrid e-commerce service that enables buyers to purchase items online and collect them in person. The service makes the post-purchase experience more convenient by merging online and offline channels into one seamless service.

Click and collect benefits

With the hybrid shopping experience of click and collect, customers can avoid shipping costs and delivery problems, receive their orders in their free time and see products in person before they complete their purchase. In-store pickup benefits last minute shoppers and customers who want the instant gratification of an in-store experience with the freedom of online shopping.

Click and Collect does not only benefit the buyer. With the average abandoned car rate at almost 70 percentMerchants can use BOPIS / BOPUS to reduce buying friction and increase sales. In-store pickup also gives sellers the ability to enhance the user experience through upselling, product recommendations, payment flexibility, and transparent customer service. At a time when sellers are looking for ways to adapt to changing customer needs and stay relevant, click-and-collect can provide merchants with value and convenience.

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How brands can do Click and Collect

While BOPIS / BOPUS offers many potential rewards, sellers need to manage some moving parts in order to create a powerful shopping experience. The biggest challenge is to use a click-and-collect model profitably while maintaining customer satisfaction – both online and offline. Here are ways your company can successfully offer Click and Collect:

1. Iron out your inventory management

Effective inventory monitoring is essential for BOPIS / BOPUS. Nothing will frustrate shoppers more than buying a product online only to find that it is not available from the store they want to pick it up from. Merchants need effective inventory tools and a selection of products in-store to provide customers with the most current product availability and flexibility. In the event that a product is in stock, sellers must implement a system that can be shipped from nearby retail locations or warehouses.

Clicking and collecting places great responsibility on traders. Coordinate product availability with your pick-up locations and offer customers transparency. Failure to do so can damage a customer’s impression of your brand.

2. Nail your online and offline processes

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, you need to clearly communicate the steps in your click and capture process. Sending emails like purchase confirmation, collection readiness, shipping updates, and collection reminders will provide clarity to your customers and keep them updated.

Your communication needs to feed into the offline experience as well. Fifty-six percent When using BOPIS / BOPUS, consumers expect to get in and out quickly. Make pick-up areas at your fulfillment locations easy to find and ensure that staff are adequately trained in this process. Stay ahead average fulfillment times Providing a smooth experience means you can offer an engaging in-store pickup service.

3. Polish your digital merchandising

Since customers can’t see your products like they would in a store, your digital merchandising needs to be top-notch to grab their attention. Attractive pictures, detailed copies and professional videos help to present advantages to customers and to make click and collection options more attractive. Innovative merchandising tools such as product visualizers and configurators can drive your merchandising even further.

Once you’ve built your digital storefront, you’ll want to make sure that it affects in-store pickup. Make sure your online content matches your in-store products and that your retailers can provide the same customer support that you have online.

4. Draw attention to your click-and-collect service

After you’ve merchandised your products, the next step is to highlight your click and pick-up service so that buyers can actually use it. Raise awareness of the program by highlighting the new feature on your home page, adding captions to product pages, implementing a store finder, creating marketing materials and creating a voucher for first-time BOPUS users.

5. Seize sales opportunities

Studies show that customers spend more in store than they do on a website. Getting customers to add more items to their shopping cart will help you maximize your online sales. Find out how you can drive product discovery and drive interest in other items online, such as: B. bundling products, recommending similar offers and including clear purchase requests during the ordering process.

Would you like to go a step further? Use purchase dates and past trends to give each customer personalized recommendations. By adapting to customer preferences, you can improve the customer experience and generate more sales.

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The future of click and collect

Click and collect is here to stay. Changes in e-commerce and new technological innovations make the hybrid shopping service easier than ever. Buying habits will continue to shift towards convenience and value. Dealers who rise to this challenge can be successful in the industry.

Would you like to get the most out of your Click & Collect service? Learn how to sell related products and optimize the checkout process to increase the number of BOPIS / BOPUS orders.

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