Black and white heart quilt for Amanda Quilting

Happy friday! I still have a finished quilt for you today, and this one is very special!

This spring I had the privilege of putting together a quilt for my dear friend Amanda. She got married in May and a group of us wanted to make a quilt especially for the occasion! Some of us were originally supposed to attend, so the intent was to give it to her personally, but the universe had other plans. Instead it was a big box of happy mail!

We decided to make heart blocks with a tutorial from Alison Harris from Cluck Cluck Sew. You can find it here: Create heart blocks in multiple sizes. We made 10 “blocks and groups of 5” blocks. We kept it black and white for the colors, which is very Amanda’s style. Above you can see the blocks I made for the quilt!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed blocks: Anna, Amanda Jean, Beth, Brianne, Christina, Deedrie, Emily, and Jacey.

I waited for all the blocks to arrive and then figured out a good layout and how many more blocks had to be made to bring it all together. I really love the small groups of small blocks!

Christina Lane Sometimes Crafter made the quilting lovable! She used this gorgeous starry, swirling quilt design which I think goes very well with Quilt and Amanda.

No quilt can be given here without a large, matching drawstring pocket! I love doing this for quilts especially because they can be kept in your pocket too, so it’s fun when it fits!

This is the laundry bag from my pattern that you can find here: Lined drawstring bag pattern.

For the support and retention, I’ve kept things really simple. Black yarn dyed Essex linen from Robert Kaufman and a black solid from my supply for binding

There is always something special about making a quilt just for someone you love. This quilt was a joy to make along with friends for our friend! The best way to do it.

Have fun quilting!

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