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Elias was in a special situation. He lost his refugee entitlement, lost his refugee calling, and as a result his deportation order became valid (enforceable). Immigration Canada was preparing to deport him back to his home country. Fortunately for Elias, it took the government a long time to finalize his deportation papers, and a year after losing his refugee entitlement, Elias was able to apply for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA). He came to LC to help him with this application.

When he was able to submit his PRRA application, Elias’ refugee work permit soon expired. He wanted to keep working and supporting himself while his PRRA application was being reviewed by Immigration Canada. When Elias received his PRRA application, his refugee deportation order became invalid (unenforceable) and he could apply for a new work permit.

We also helped Elias apply for this work permit. A few months later, the application for a work permit was denied. Immigration Canada wrote that Elias was no longer eligible for this work permit because his PRRA was rejected. The problem was that the PRRA decision (negative or not) was given neither to Elias nor to us – his representatives. Calls to Immigration Canada to determine the fate of the PRRA application did not help. We have received conflicting information about whether or not the PRRA was rejected. Without the decision, Elias would still be entitled to a work permit under the law.

We have submitted an application to review this negative work permit decision. We had to highlight the legal requirements for applying for a work permit in Elias’ case and that he met all of these requirements. The application for re-examination was made in the middle of Covid19.

So what happened

Elias’ re-examination request was approved within a few weeks and he was granted an additional year work permit. The decision on his PRRA application has not yet been received.

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