Use the word Kafir – Political Islam : Islam

In every war of ideas, you have to master the language to shape the ideological battlefield. Left and political Islam are experts at winning with the right words.

There is one word we have to use – kafir, don’t use infidels or non-Muslims. I have examined the use of the word “kafir” in the Quran and found that it is used in almost 400 verses. In 345 verses Kafir means unbeliever and in 39 verses “ungrateful”. Kafir is the word Allah uses to describe us.

How do we know it’s the right word? Easy. Muslims don’t want us to use it. Using kafir is a game changer. And while you’re at it, use the Koran, not the Koran.

The book I was referring to in the lecture: Ethical-religious concepts in the Koran; Toshihiko Izutsu.

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