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Tiny house furniture

Listen. I’ve redesigned my living room. AGAIN! I bought new tiny house furniture and while this futon is not 100% perfect it is definitely an upgrade. My old futon downstairs was handmade and heavy. The assembly took 3-4 steps (Check out the video here) and needed the help of two bulky stools. It was mostly made of plywood, so it wasn’t as comfortable either.

My old futon below:

below bed futon

My old futon worked great … when I was just using it.

The futon we built turned out to be TOO COMPLICATE for my guests. In all honesty, it wasn’t very comfortable as a couch either. My AirBNB guests kept breaking off the hinges and tearing the fabric to move the clumsy parts. I found fixing it all the time was a real problem and eventually decided it was a bug (at least as a functional option for unattended guests). What can I say? We tried it! I think it worked fine when it was just me.

Old small house living room furniture

This is only the 2nd piece of furniture in my home that is not handmade.

FutonThe pros and cons of my new little home furniture

My new futon is super easy to turn into a comfortable bed and it’s a comfortable couch too! Another advantage is that I have more floor space because …Drum roll please … I also replaced my big, bulky stools with two cute ones, small blue-green! Yes, my new stools have storage space. This is where I store the futon’s bedding. Yes, they also serve as additional seating and footstools. Yes, they are adorable.

The disadvantages? This futon only makes a single bed where my original homemade one was almost almost full size. But perhaps the biggest downside is that it’s 6 inches narrower as my corner, leaving a terrible void of empty space! The truth is, I couldn’t find a pre-made futon that would fit perfectly in my corner and fit through my 22-inch front door. So this is a compromise that I had to make. Two people can sit on this futon; it’s just a little cozier. To fill the remaining space in my corner, I installed a drinks shelf and book drawer with lots of tiny house reading materials. In all honesty, I think it’s a pretty cute solution, and I’ve always wanted a place to put my wine glass while watching a movie on my projection screen.

It was a process that took 6 long years to find the perfect piece of furniture for my tiny corner. I’m still not 100% satisfied, but I think I can live with this new futon until I get another great idea for a new design!

Tiny house living room

For now, I will be following the advice that is printed on my decorative pillow and “Enjoy the little things.”

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