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Culture Campsite is a project carried out by a team of designers and freelancers from the art and culture scene. Thijs Masthoff and Isis Hoos built the first of eleven unique sleeping capsules that have found a new home on a previously empty plot of land in the Rotterdam harbor district. Right next to De Kroon, one of the city’s creative work areas for designers and doers, the two run their camping business together with Boris Duijneveld and Laura Abbink.

Culture campsite Rotterdam
A lush urban oasis. Photo Jorne Visser for Pop-Up City
Culture campsite Rotterdam
Our home for the night. Photo Jorne Visser for Pop-Up City

The campsite is a 10-minute bike ride from the center of Rotterdam and is well located for all of the city’s hotspots on two wheels. But once you’ve checked in at the culture campsite and sat in front of your sleeping capsule, you might want to stay forever. Surrounded by lush flowers that have exploded in beds of reclaimed garden soil, bees and butterflies buzzing around, you will instantly slow down and relax. The bustle of the vibrant city around you suddenly seems far away.

Culture campsite Rotterdam
The camping showers. Photo Jorne Visser for Pop-Up City
Culture campsite Rotterdam
Kitchen and equipment. Photo Jorne Visser for Pop-Up City

The cultural campsite offers everything you would expect from a camping experience, but was designed with great attention to detail and with sustainability in mind. The showers are painted a sunny yellow with small hourglasses so that guests can check their water consumption for themselves. Be aware, this could be the best camping shower you have ever had! For the most private businesses, the light blue toilets with handpicked bouquets of flowers are the place to be. If you need a freshening up, the tub, which can be heated if necessary, is definitely worth a bath.

Culture campsite Rotterdam
The hot or cold tubs. Photo Jorne Visser for Pop-Up City

You can prepare all your meals during your stay in the fully equipped kitchen with a coffee machine and a shared refrigerator. Of course, camping wouldn’t be a campsite without a barbecue area. A second kitchen, a large terrace and a bar are currently under construction and will offer guests even more space in the future. When it rains there is always the opportunity to laze around in the common room, which is covered with a translucent dome.

Culture campsite Rotterdam
The dome on the cultural campsite. Photo Heeman Photography / buroLAB

If you are used to a rock-hard sleeping mat when camping, the comfortable mattresses in the cabins will feel like heaven to you. Depending on the property you’ve booked for, you can sleep in a greenhouse, van, or something that looks like a spaceship that has just landed. Each object has been made from recycled and reclaimed materials and each has its own story and concept, so you can choose between different camping adventures.

With Cultural campsite You can escape the urban hustle and bustle in the middle of the city. It offers a truly unique vacation experience, be it for one night, a weekend or longer. During our stay at the municipal campsite, we met families, friends and single travelers. The culture campsite is therefore an experience for adventurers of all ages.

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