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Bear country! – Mom in Vienna Dubai

This has to be my favorite candy store in Vienna. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of really special and very old chocolate shops out there (I’ll be sharing them with you in the coming weeks). But when it comes to soft, chewy rubbers, this is THE place!

I also like that they sell cute tins that can be paired with an assortment of candy of your choice. I think they are a really great souvenir to bring home from your stay in Vienna!

What sets this store apart from the others is:

  1. The quality! You have many gelatine-free and vegan ranges available. Most of their candies are made from natural fruit juices and coloring.
  2. The fact that you can try as many sweets as your heart desires and the staff won’t avoid you! Even if you only leave with a bag of sweets, which have a fair price of 4.20 EUR.

Bear country is in the first district. The easiest way is to take public transport to Schwedenplatz and then up the lively shopping street Rotenturmstra├če 21.

Our current favorite sweets are the new vegan, gelatin-free, sour Matcha gummy bears! So good! You just have to try them out for yourself!

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