4 low-cost, big ideas for small spaces Design

Bespoke furniture, with Sophie Bowers from Strutt Studios

In small rooms, a functionally driven, durable piece of furniture is often the best solution to remedy the lack of space and storage space and to avoid a closed feeling.

There are three commonly used built-in furniture. These include banquet seats or plinth lounges, a fireplace and shelves, and a TV sideboard.

When designing small spaces, you need to maximize the use of the walls. Therefore, incorporating a joiner unit that can incorporate some or many of these seating, storage and display functions is a seamless way to get more out of a minimal footprint.

Simple ideas like storage on the ceiling increase the perception of height in any room. Also, consider adding functional handles or feet / legs to your built-in seating. This customization is a great way to show off your personality while keeping the bulk of the carpenter design simple and thus not overwhelming a small space. Wall shelves as a stand-alone function or integrated into a fireplace or TV storage unit are another way of drawing the eye upwards, since nothing feels more closed than an overcrowded worktop or table.

The success of my own little apartment relied heavily on the spaces having a dual purpose, and in the kitchen zone, a built-in banquet seat was the perfect way to achieve this. In order to achieve a minimalist appearance, the connection between the kitchen and the dining area is a very subtle detail. The waterfall stone continues seamlessly from the countertop to the banquet seat. For us, this led to a highly functional fusion of kitchen and dining room, which often becomes the heart of the house, especially when it comes to entertainment. The inclusion of drawers under the banquet seat has created a lot of storage space, and mounting the back cushion on the wall has made it look light and clean.

Well-considered and clever built-in furniture solutions prove that bigger is not always better when it comes to the footprint of a room.

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