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(And what are the “Kingdoms of Life”?)

The Five kingdoms of living things encompass all life forms such as bacteria (unicellular organisms without a real nucleus), fungi (fungi and yeasts), protists (algae, paramecium), plants and animals (both vertebrates and invertebrates).

Let’s not bore our children

Do you spend a lot of time finding a smart curriculum? Do you feel like the resources you bought earlier were childish? You won’t have this problem with Earth party!*, Our newest biology curriculum covering advanced topics! Reviewers and users of our curriculum report that they considered the topic to be advanced. But – let’s remember – children play Pokemon and characters transform, develop with powers, statistics, etc .; Children understand specific, detailed material quite well! Boys are able to memorize all kinds of car and airplane trivia. (I know this personally!) Why not give your fast growing brain amazing facts to learn? You never know where this type of information will lead!

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Unlike us, our children are connected to the natural world

After my experience of teaching my own children in school as well as in cooperatives young children are fascinated by animal life! They look forward to going to zoos and aquariums and seeing animals do their thing. When kids go for a walk and see the animal life, it’s even more magical! If you see a bobcat, frog, hawk, deer or bear then the trip is for you! It will be the first thing children mention when asked how they are (Fill in the blank) Trip was.

Our The curriculum always strengthens this connection with the natural world. Whether it should be California out of the box or Earth party! Families can expect observation of the natural world to be incorporated into our approach.

Everything Life IS Beautiful!

And I say that with humility! My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor seven years ago and died less than two months after she was diagnosed. Sometimes I imagine what the cancer cells looked like while they were growing in your brain. In the years after her death I noticed mushrooms and mushrooms everywhere. I had to agree that while they destroyed other life forms, they were so beautiful and pleasant to look at. Mushrooms often have flashy colors and patterns that strangely look like candied toffee. This newfound appreciation for mushrooms can be traced back to my mother and my question about what her brain tumor looked like. Life can be pleasant to look at, complex, organized, and artistic, even if it is destructive. This is the paradox of life.

Why choose Earth party! Curriculum?

Earth party!

One of The most useful perks for our curriculum – it’s short! Families will not get stuck. We wrote it for 12 weeks, although it can be adjusted to six weeks. Sometimes this material is included in other life sciences, zoology, and botany curricula – but our curriculum covers all kingdoms so a comprehensive concept of life forms can be quickly learned. (I covered this content with my own children in 4 weeks. It was one of the units I taught my children in our freshman year when I was in 1st and 4th grades. I had a strong feeling that they need a good background life forms.) See this link for information on curriculum products.

The frosting on top!

A print by Ernst Haeckel Art forms in nature book

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Are you a visual learner? Do you love beauty Check out our Earth party Inspiration package! Please see this article for more information Ernst Haeckel, an important zoologist, natural scientist and artist that created images that you’ve undoubtedly seen before. A book of his prints as well as Smithsonian’s natural history book are available in Our business With – FREE SHIPPING now through August 31st!

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