Pattern // kawaii crossing stationery shop cross stitch Embroidery

Who is ready to sew up a stationery store? If you’ve followed the Kawaii Crossing Wild Olive Stitching Club, you will likely find that this month’s post looks a little different. And you may also have guessed that I didn’t sew this little shop in the form of a composition book!

I’ve kept pace with the seams SO WELL this year, including cross stitches which I’m notoriously slow on. But I’m giving up this month because there’s a lot of life going on here. Actually don’t give up. Give me leeway. And I know that wonderful people will understand you!

If you are new to these diagrams, you can see my sewn city of Kawaii Crossing in the Cross Stitch Pattern Tag, which is where you can also find all of the previous individual diagrams that are suitable for printing. Of course, the entire city as it currently stands is also down.

After we sew this there are only a number of stores left! And I’m really looking forward to the next month. It’ll be green and smart, and that’s all I’ll say.

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