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Eight one-pot chicken dishes that are easy to prepare and easy to eat! These are just a few of our favorites on the website

Eight stew dinner pictures

1. Extra quick stew noodles and chicken

Stew noodles

Let’s start with this super easy and delicious one-pot noodle and chicken dish. Put everything in the saucepan and let it simmer. Add chili if you’d like and make it a flavorful weekday treat. Don’t forget to check out the video too! Follow the link and rate the recipe.

2. Butter Chicken Tray Bake

Bake the butter chicken tray

Everyone loves buttered chicken and this one will be no exception. Slightly spicy, creamy and totally Moorish, this butter chicken is baked in a tray in the oven. Seriously, what could be better? This recipe uses boneless thighs for a juicy, flavorful result. Just add rice.

Follow the link for the recipe and give it a try.

3. A pot of coconut fried chicken

Roast coconut chicken

This super tender, incredibly delicious coconut chicken is baked in a saucepan. All you have to do is whip up a salad of cucumber, coriander and cherry tomatoes and you have a great dinner.

The coconut and spice-based sauce goes perfectly with rice. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

4. Chicken and cheese casserole in a saucepan

Chicken and cheese casserole stew dinner

Exactly what the family ordered. Fizzy chicken with cheese and a touch of green (you won’t notice).

The top is nice and crispy after roasting under the grill. Come and get it!

5. Parmesan and Chicken Casserole. Stew food

Chicken and parmesan casserole

Delicious tomato baked chicken. The flavors of Italy in one pot. It’s topped off perfectly with parmesan and herbs. This goes well with pasta or rice or salad. You decide.

This one also has a video.

6th A pot of chicken risoni pasta, fast bowl food

A pot of chicken risoni

Delicious browned pieces of chicken, cooked together with risoni pasta and black olives, all in a stew dinner. That has everything. Finish it off with fresh tomatoes and herbs and you have the perfect dinner. You can even add feta if you want.

Check out the video and see how easy it is to do

7. Satay Chicken Tray Bake

Tary baked chicken satay

This is the best idea any body has ever had. Chicken baked in peanut sauce in the oven. So beautiful. This recipe uses drumsticks, but you can use thighs, thigh fillets, or even a whole chicken.

Whatever you choose, eat it with rice and you will have the best dinner imaginable. Watch the video

8. A pot of Korean chicken

Chicken in a saucepan with chili sauce

Well that is a beauty and so easy to do. All the colors of the rainbow appeared in a pot and baked. Mildly spicy (or as spicy as you want), this is one of my favorites.

I like that with rice, but also try quinoa.

Try these and many other stew baked goods and meals on the website

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