DIY bleached wooden case – before and after Farm House

I did an experimental DIY this week and oh my god it turned out better than I imagined! I took a log that I absolutely loved, but the color was a little too dark for me … So I thought I would give bleach a try! It turned out to be amazing and I love the way it looks now.


Before wood bleaching:

After wood bleaching:

I recommend bleaching your piece of wood somewhere outside so you don’t have to worry and can use the sun to bleach your wood. I picked that up Wood bleach from Amazon here. For this piece I didn’t do any prep work before using the wood bleach. I haven’t sanded or stripped anything. I let the wood bleach do all the work.

The DIY steps
  1. Take your piece of wood outside to a place where it can get messy (or put something down if that isn’t possible) and in the sun if possible.
  2. Take a bucket and mix the hot water and wood bleach in the bucket together. Follow instructions for mixing!
  3. To apply the mixture to the wood we used a smaller brush and heavily coated the trunk with the bleach.
  4. Then scrub the bleach into the trunk with a Courser brush to really scrape it off in the wood.
  5. When brushing bleach into the wood, be sure to brush with the grain, not against the grain.
  6. For this piece, we applied the wood bleach and scrubbed the trunk four times in total. Depending on the amount of stains on your piece, you may have to do more or less.
  7. After you’ve applied our final coat of wood bleach, rinse off the trunk and dry it with a clean cloth.
  8. Let the trunk dry completely in the sun.

The sun is a great natural bleach. You can use the sun to lighten your white painted piece or help with wood bleach like we did. We left the trunk in the sun to dry and our trunk was completely remodeled. The wood bleach removed all stains and extra debris from the trunk! I choose to leave the trunk unsealed, but if you wanted to seal your furniture, you definitely could. I absolutely love the new look of the trunk and it now suits my personal taste a lot more.

The transformation of this piece is seriously more than I ever expected. It’s the first time I’ve been obsessed with this product and think it’s definitely worth it … Now it’s time to put wood bleach on everything I own! Haha. Hope you enjoyed the transformation if you have other antiques that you want to clean. Check out my post on cleaning antiques here! Thank you for stopping by the blog today and every day.

xx liz marie

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