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Morning checklist printouts

One of my big fears about homeschooling this year is that we will all be unmotivated at lunchtime and still in our pajamas. While this might work for some families, we just don’t work well without some structure (as the past five months have confirmed). I’m not a morning person, so it is a challenge for me to get up in the morning and get started. Fortunately, my children are more “morning people” than me. The hardest thing this year could be motivating myself! Even so, this morning I made checklist printouts for each child. They are set up every evening and have to be checked off manually before we go to school at 8:30 a.m. Otherwise, they are not allowed to have any screen time after completing their schoolwork.

I can’t tell you how many similar checklists I’ve printed over the years. I’m not naive enough to pretend this is the answer to all of our morning problems. BUT I think this will help everyone know what is expected of them before the school day starts, and hopefully manually ticking off will provide a little more incentive to actually get each task done!

There are three different style options. Just print out the ones you like best! I put each of them in a dry-erase bag I bought at the Dollar Spot at Target.

Now, if you will excuse me while I make a printable morning list myself. I think I may need it more than anyone! 😂

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