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Trevor Mauch
Trevor Mauch

Cold Calling Methods That Work With Real Estate Guru Beau Hollis

‚ÄúCompetition is irrelevant as long as your skills are better than others … I don’t bet on them. I bet on me “
Beau Hollis, just sold

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How burned have you been from spending so much time cold calling while still not closing enough deals?

We enlisted real estate guru Beau Hollis of Louisville, Kentucky to teach us how to close a deal for every 150 calls made when most need around 600 calls to get a deal! Yes, he closes 8-10 deals per month, mostly cold calls!

Listen now for his best secrets and his simple, foolproof cold call script that will cut your time on the phone in half so you can make some money and spend your time doing the things you love again … which is likely not to make calls.

Cold calling methods that work with Beau Hollis

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