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Inside: Never underestimate the power a happy, peaceful home can have on your family, your community, and even the world! It sure is a worthy pursuit!
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I was recently in a conversation about World Peace, and my first thought was Sandra Bullock’s pageant speech from the 2000 Comedy, Miss Congeniality.

If you don’t see the movie player above, you can Check out the clip here.

More seriously, a lot of the women in my circle (a lot of mothers and grandmas stay home) feel a little out of hand when it comes to making a difference in the world around us.

I know my life often feels as big as a fishbowl – I live, work, and hang out at home with my family for most of my days while others on the front lines fight for freedom, justice and peace.

What can we really do at home to counter civil unrest, mass shootings, incessant social media jokes, sex trafficking, injustice, and political unrest – and instead promote more peace?

Like me, you may never be the type to stand on a crowded picket line, talk about injustice on stage, or spread the gospel in a third world country, but I’m confident we can do our part to make a more peaceful country too create world … start in our own four walls.

“How wonderful it is that nobody has to wait a moment before starting to make the world a better place. ”

Anne Frank

If you are at home and you think you can’t make a difference, or that your actions don’t matter, I hope you will reconsider!

I am more convinced than ever that our homes are the starting point for great, important changes in the world.

Don’t underestimate the power a happy, peaceful home can have on your family, community, and even the world.

It sure is a worthy pursuit!

7 Ways to Maintain a More Peaceful Home and World

1. Respect authority.

I am not a political person, so this applies not only to government policy, but to anyone who has authority over us.

Dave and I don’t personally agree with every decision our churches, schools, and community organizations have made regarding COVID – but that doesn’t mean we get defensive, cause turmoil, pull our children out of school, or change churches.

Nor do we always agree to every rule made by our local or national government and law enforcement agencies – but we can still respect those authorities who (usually) do what they think is best to protect us counter.

I can only assume that most of us would never We want to lead our churches, our schools, our community or our country. Instead of criticizing or complaining about decisions over which we often have very little control, we want to respect authority and model that respect for our children.

We don’t have to agree to authority, we don’t have to vote for it, or even to like She… Just respect them.

Can you see the global impact if everyone just respects authority?

2. Realize that “different” is not “bad” or “wrong”.

I dare bet you have some close friends and family who feel differently than you about COVID safety precautions, the upcoming elections, the “right” way to use financial resources, the best school opportunities, etc., etc. .

It’s easy to feel defensive when others obviously disagree with us … oh how well I know!

But most of the time neither party is necessarily right or wrong … we just have different opinions.

It doesn’t have to be personal if we don’t let it – it sure doesn’t have to come between our relationships. Just think how boring life would be if everyone agreed on everything all the time.

Peace sign

3. Monitor the media.

Limiting my media exposure is something I have deliberately done since 2012 when I began to see the negative effects on my mental wellbeing.

I just haven’t watched that much TV and it has turned into a lot more since then.

Do you need simple ideas to get started?

  • Unsubscribe from all magazines and newspapers.
  • Stop listening to political or controversial radio stations.
  • Stop watching TV live. I always forget how quickly advertising affects me.
  • Use social media sparingly (I only use it for business purposes – rarely just “surfing” to see what others are up to.)
  • Turn off all phone notifications (I only get notifications for phone calls and text messages from people I know).
  • Delete social media and messaging apps from your phone (this was SO free for me).
  • Wear a watch. (I recently bought a watch So I’m not tempted to check my phone for the time and then go on the trail of emails and updates.)

These small changes contribute to a slower, more intentional, content, and peaceful life.

NOTE: If you are struggling with anxiety, anxiety, depression, or just plain inadequacy, I recommend that you stop consuming the news and check / update your social media. Try to stay away for a full day, then a full week, and then a month. It really changed my life!

4. Speak truthfully.

It’s so easy to casually repeat something we hear … or twist information to sound more negative and make our current situation worse.

  • Have you heard what ____________ school does with masks?
  • Did you see that the ___________ church is / is open?
  • Can you believe what _______ company / brand / blogger said (or didn’t say) about Black Lives Matter?
  • Did you hear the governor’s latest decision?

Even if you don’t have young children at home who might be listening, it’s beneficial to take a break before repeating these things out loud (and especially before sharing them online).

5. Think positively.

Science confirms that The constant negative self-talk is very detrimental on our mental wellbeing – while positive thinking can drastically improve our quality of life.

Make it a habit to stop yourself if you have negative thoughts (especially about yourself, your current life situation or the state of our country).

It’s not easy, but over time it gets easier (I know from experience!)

Just think how much happier and more peaceful our world would be if everyone practiced good old-fashioned positive thinking!

world peace

6. Do something nice for someone else.

It’s easy to get worried, or worry about all sorts of “what-if” situations when we are constantly focused on ourselves.

When you are worried, anxious, or obsessively storing toilet paper, it is a good idea to distract your mind and body by doing something nice for someone else.

  • Call a friend.
  • Help a neighbor garden.
  • Make cards with your children and email them to sick and elderly people in your community.
  • Bring flowers to a neighbor.
  • Take your kids / grandchildren for a walk.
  • Make a meal for someone.

You will be surprised how therapeutic it can be to help someone else in need.

Life is much more comfortable (and peaceful) when we take care of each other, not just ourselves.

7. Focus on what you can control.

Instead of focusing on all of the things we cannot control, we instead focus on what we can control – namely, what happens in the walls of our homes.

I believe our homes should restore us from day one and prepare us for tomorrow. That’s why I’m passionate about creating a more peaceful home environment for myself and my family.

I can’t control the world (much to my dismay!) But I can can Control much of what happens in my house.

And the ripple effect of a happy, peaceful home is far-reaching.

Ideas for a more peaceful home:

  • Live simply and within your means to reduce unnecessary stress.
  • Do less – literally! Take advantage of the extra downtime to just hang out and enjoy being together.
  • Keep your home clean and organized enough so that your time at home is more relaxed and peaceful.
  • Use what you have and do what you can to encourage small positive change.
  • Model a life of peace and contentment for your children and those around you.

It’s amazing what can come of small changes first made at home.

What Can You Do To Promote World Peace? Go home and love your family. “

mother Teresa

You don’t need millions of followers, the ability to speak eloquently, or a festival stage to bring about world peace (or widespread positive change).

Start small. Starts in Your At home. Start today!

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