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It can be difficult to come up with suitable party game ideas for a tween birthday party.

Tweens are still kids … but they are also more mature and some of the younger games like sticking the tail on donkeys or musical chairs may be considered too “small” for them.

However, which games to choose for your tween party really depends on your tween and what they enjoy doing. While they might say these childhood games are too young, they can be great fun if organized with their friends.

I recently hosted a party for my 10 year old and we had 5 friends from school.

The small number should make sure we are still okay when there are restrictions.

It was a pizza party but we had 2 hours to fill up before the meal and cake.

Tween party food

I organized some fun games and the kids loved them. The friendly competitiveness was nice to look at and the screams during the game confirmed that the kids were enjoying it too.

Ribbon ball

There is no name for this game … or maybe there is one and I am not aware of it. But that was a HUGE success with the kids. I had to help them cheat a little because I didn’t know how well I’d picked up the ball.


  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • Individually wrapped lollipops
  • 2 dice

Foreplay: You will need to use duct tape to wrap lollies and create a ball. Imagine handing over the package with its many layers but you are wrapped around strips of duct tape. Ideally, you want to wrap sections of tape so that the ends can be easily found if each layer is torn off.

Bandball game


Everyone sits in a circle and rolls the dice. The first person to roll a double goes to the center to tear the tape off the ball and retrieve the lollipops. You can specify the option where a clipping of scissors can be used to put an end to it and move the game forward.

The next person to roll a double is next to try to untangle the ribbon ball.

The person with the most lollipops wins.

Hand over the package

I think all children, young and in between, love the package. You can make it older by the price at the end or individual prices under each level.


  • Wrapping paper, tape and scissors
  • Unit prices
  • Small grand prize
  • music

foreplay: Wrap the small grand prize with paper, then wrap more layers with a prize under each layer. If you don’t want to use music, you can also get instructions on who will open the layer next.

For example: pass it on to the person with blue eyes or pass it on to the person with the longest hair or the most letters in the first name … etc.

Or you can include mini-ventures like saying the alphabet backwards, asking math questions, naming an animal that stares with z … etc.


Everyone sits in a circle and the package is given to each person. When the music stops, the person who has the package unpacks a shift. The game ends when the last shift is unpacked and that person wins the prize.

minute to win it with sticky notes

This game can be played a few times – especially if there is a tie as it is a game of skill.


  • timer
  • Sticky note pads – one for each participant


Minute to win the sticky note game

Everyone gets their own notepad. When the time starts, you will have a minute to put as many sticky notes as possible on your body. If a sticky note falls on the floor, they won’t be able to retrieve it.

The person who has the most sticky notes after 1 minute wins the round.

What party games did your tweens play together that were a hit?

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