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Your kind Saint Paul Crank here. It’s time for some late summer comic shout-outs.

This first goes to the organizers of the Minnesota State Fair Crop Art Contest. Without the pandemic, you could have seen this piece hanging in the horticultural building with all of the other excellent works of seed art. I used onion seeds for the black, red lentils, broccoli, millet, quinoa, poppy seeds, and wheat cream.

This photo goes to the organizers of the state fair. Even on weekdays, bike parking spaces are often full, and the bikes are attached to random objects on Como Avenue, UMN campus, and Snelling Avenue. Even so, every year the trade fair organizers stick the bike lanes on Como Avenue with black tape and use them for cars. This year, the city of Saint Paul is building an off-street cycle path in front of the Como exhibition center. Will the trade fair organizers try to use this new cycle path for parking next year? I hope not, but I wouldn’t get it past them.

This cartoon is for Bike To Work Day, which we never had this year.

This cartoon goes to the Public Works Department at Saint Paul, which has filled potholes pretty well considering they have half a billion dollars in deferred road maintenance.

This cartoon goes out to everyone who lives off the college campus. With COVID-19 it looks like the fall semester could be super short this year.

This cartoon goes out to any laid-off or underpaid flight attendants dealing with maskless, angry customers.

This cartoon goes out to people who still have car alarms, especially those who cause a piercing chirp when your car is locked or unlocked. Fortunately, these devices seem to be in decline. Perhaps it is the efforts of the “Silence of the hornsProject?

This cartoon goes to the new Space Force. Hope you have fun up there.

This cartoon is for Mike Freeman and all of the judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and elected officials charged with holding police officers accountable. If we don’t do that, a lot more stuff will burn.

At Streetsmn we focus on using petroleum in the transportation sector, but what about plastics and packaging? This cartoon goes out to all of the plastic industry lobbyists who called me and every other Saint Paul resident trying to block the city No plastic packaging to take away (something we seem to have passed up on during the COVID epidemic).

It’s a plastic world …

That’s all I have for you this month. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

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