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How stress in your relationship can affect your mental, emotional, and sexual healthNo matter how good your relationship with your partner is, at times they can cause a lot of stress in your life. Whether it is an argument or something less significant, no relationship is exempt from occasional problems.

The stress that your partner can cause may not even be intentional as it is common for people to consider their significant other’s daily stressors as their own. Subconsciously, your significant other may be the source of your stress without trying.

The important thing is how you deal with the mental strain your relationship is causing. Dealing with stress properly is vital as it can lead to health problems for both parties. Here are some ways your health can be affected if you don’t deal with relationship stress properly.

Mental health

When you have problems in your relationship, you sometimes find it difficult to think about anything else. The inability to think outside of your relationship problems can damage your mental health. Instead of focusing on things that make you happy in life, negative thoughts and emotions consume your energy.

Stress in a relationship about things like keeping your home clean or who is spending the most money is common in many relationships. However, if your self-worth is damaged or you are mentally breaking down, consider whether the relationship is the best for you.

Your brain can only take in so much until it needs relief. The emotions you experience while dealing with problems in your relationship can lead to bigger problems like depression. An estimated 17.3 million adults in the US had at least one major depression, according to a 2017 study by the National Institute of Mental Health. Symptoms of depression can include:

– tiredness
– loss of appetite
– Persistent sadness
– insomnia
– Thoughts of suicide

These are just a few of the symptoms that can occur during a depressive episode. If you think you may have depression, seek help from an experienced therapist.

What should I do: To take some of the stress out of your relationship, take days of self-care. These days should be dedicated to you and your sanity. Doing things that make you happy can be just what you need when you feel like you’re drowning. Not to say the obvious, but when you take care of yourself, you are foregoing your partner. Sometimes a distance with your significant other makes for a more proactive time. It also enables you to reassess the situation with a clear, level-headed mind.

Sexual health

Ultimately, stress and mental health can also affect you and your partner in the bedroom. While sex is highly dependent on physical wellbeing, your mental state also plays a big role in things like performance, self-confidence, and more. Extended arguments or relationship stress under the rug can seriously affect your intimacy in the bedroom.

In men, this can lead to performance issues like erectile dysfunction (ED). When men are stressed or afraid, they are not sending the right chemicals that are essential for an erection. In itself, this can lead to greater psychological distress, as men with ED are prone to depression.

In women, relationship problems can lead to a decrease in sexual arousal and / or general interest in sex. This makes intercourse between a couple difficult and adds to an already tense environment. Low sexual desire is strongly linked to depression, as evidence from the National Library of Medicine shows.

Stress in a relationship can also cause fertility problems that make it harder for you to imagine anything in the future. Chronic stress can lower testosterone production and affect sperm quality.

What should I do: As well as trying to postpone sexual intercourse until your problems are completely resolved, try to speak to a doctor about the reasons for the stress you are having in your relationship. Speaking to a therapist not only gives you an unbiased opinion, but it can also get you mentally to where you need to be to get intimate again in the bedroom. While it may be embarrassing, it is important to address the sexual difficulties you may face as health professionals can provide referrals to help you Treatments for ED or refer to a sex therapist to help circumvent low sex drive or other sexual difficulties for couples. “

This short attachment style quiz will help you understand your own attachment pattern and how it can affect your relationships.

Emotional health

How you deal with the stress we experience as a result of our relationship can affect your emotional health. If you are someone who avoids dealing with problems in your relationship or repressing your feelings for the “common good”, you will eventually explode.

Whether you are conveying all of your emotions to someone significant at once or mentally exploding through a mental break, it is not good for anyone to keep your emotions in a bottle. Why? Because if you allow stress to build up, you need to harbor negative feelings towards your significant other, which leads to passive-aggressive statements and tension. What could have been a normal conversation between two people now has turned into an explosive argument.

To avoid this, first learn who you are as an individual. When people get into relationships it turns from “me” to “us” and that’s fine, but it is still necessary that you understand yourself first. How can you possibly try to grasp other people’s thoughts without understanding your thoughts and feelings? When you are more confident in your emotions, you can properly manage your partner’s emotions and build a healthier, longer-lasting relationship.

What should I do: To understand your emotions a little better, try journaling. Journaling is a great way to keep track of how you are feeling on a daily basis. If you feel that you are unable to adequately express your feelings to others, it is easier to write them down. As you progress along your journaling journey, you will return to some of your old entries. This can give you a sense of clarity about yourself and your relationship. You can also practice effective communication skills to effectively meet each other’s needs.

Relieve your relationship of stress with the help of a therapist

When the stress in your relationship reaches a breaking point, it is best to take a step back and seek help from a professional. Eddins Counseling Group in Houston, TX has many experienced couple counselors. Call us today at 832-559-2622 or book an appointment online. We also offer free 15 minute consultations to match you with the right advisor for your needs.

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