Beginning of our nomadic phase of service to love – SoulFullHeart Experience Inspirational

by Jelelle Awen

We’re flying to Glastonbury / Avalon in two weeks from today! After all, we seem to be in divine alignment after being four months late and having to reschedule our flights and travel arrangements due to Covid. We’ll land at beautiful Rie’s Place in central Glastonbury for six weeks and stay longer in Glastonbury … the beginning of our nomadic ministry!

Reducing everything you own to two suitcases and one hand luggage is always an interesting process of detachment! I really enjoy it and the liberation / freedom it brings. Two years ago, after four years in Mexico, we arrived here in Victoria, Canada with only two suitcases each and showed a whole house full of wonderful things (usually free or very cheap) that now mostly belong to my daughter Raianna and her boyfriend Jasper here in Victoria to start her exciting new life together with the two dogs in a beautiful house. We are sad to be away from them and are already planning back and forth visits to keep in touch.

My packing priorities were negotiated with my Inner Child / Star Seed … my favorite clothes, stuffies and crystals / stones! ♥ ️🙂🙏

I highly recommend doing a clean up if you haven’t recently, or if you’ve been in the same house for a while and have gathered things that may no longer reflect who you are. You can quickly sense which things really interest you and which you really love. It actually feels so good to give and give things away. We have had wonderful experiences and connections over the years as we have now reduced several times and donated almost everything each time.

Stand up and disperse … own and then let go. A good practice to adjust to the impermanence of our reality!



Jelelle Awen is Co-Creator / Teacher / Group Leader / Ambassador of SoulFullHeart, a healing process and paradigm that offers new Gaia ascension frequencies to transform traumas on an emotional / spiritual / physical level into love. For information on a free consultation and 1: 1 sessions with SoulFullHeart moderators Raphael Awen / Gabriel Heartman / Kasha Rokshana, virtual group call events, writings / books (including Jelelle’s latest Free To Be 5D) and videos, please visit Soul

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