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Baby Shower Gift Guide 2020

Hello friends! I remember before I had a baby I had no idea what babies needed. I never knew what to get as a baby shower gift for friends or family. Now that I’ve had a year of parenting and lots and lots of products, I’m confident to share things with you that I know babies (and their parents) need or love! I’m going to split these baby shower favors into “themes” to make things a little easier for you!

Baby Shower Gift Guide – Sleep Basics

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  1. Projection night light: My little girl * loved * to stare at the swirling lights projected onto her ceiling. I owe this wonderful creation to one of the reasons why she sleeps so well on her own. She still loves her night light and we often see her staring through our baby monitor at the lights in her cot.
  2. White Noise / Music Sound Machine: Our other salvation – our machine with white noise. We have two dogs and so a background noise in their nursery is a lifesaver when they start barking random things in our garden. We also have a portable white noise machine that we use in her stroller when we go to Disneyland or when she naps at Grandma’s. I will link that too!
  3. Halo sleeping diapers: We’re all about safe sleep, and these halo diapers also make it so easy to wrap your little baby nice and tight because they have Velcro fastenings. Because of a baby’s startle reflex, they like to be swaddled nice and tight, and these diapers made our little girl feel so safe and unable to wriggle out of them either.
  4. Halo Swivel bassinet: There are so many bassinets on the market but I love this one because it rotates 360 degrees and the design makes it so you can bring the bassinet up to your bed. This way you can keep your baby close to you, but safely in their own space!
  5. Baby monitor: There are tons of baby monitors on the market, but I can only speak to the one we have, which is the Lollipop baby monitor. We love this model because the design allows you to wrap it around a cot or bassinet, or attach it to the wall. It also has a great app for viewing your baby and the app also plays music or white noise for your baby through the monitor.

Baby shower gift guide – bath time

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  1. Bath toys: As babies get older, bath time is one of their favorite pastimes! My little girl would play in the bathroom for hours with her toys if we let her. She loves the little floating balls, reads the bath books, and pastes the foam letters on the side of the tub (although she doesn’t know what they are haha).
  2. Mesh Hanging Organizer: These hanging mesh bags are perfect for storing all of your baby’s toys and sponges while allowing them to air dry. Plus, your tub stays organized so that others can use it anywhere without any baby items!
  3. Bath towels: A pretty obvious one, but of course baby needs a bath towel! Plus, they make such darn cute baby towels.
  4. Baby rinser: These rinsing cups are so neat! They are great at flushing baby’s cute head without getting water in their eyes.
  5. Baby sponges: In the hospital, they use the coolest little sponge with soft washers on its back that is perfect for bathing a baby. However, they don’t last the longest. So this pack of sponges is perfect to replace!
  6. Baby soap: Babies have such sensitive skin that they need their own special soap. I loved the Aveeno brand baby soap, but there are lots of great options. And of course you need a lotion to follow up!
  7. Baby bath: For the first time babies need a small tub to bathe. This tub is great as it has the newborn hammock attachment and then grows with the baby as it ages! I think it would be such a cute gift to buy a tub and fill it with bath items as a gift!

Baby Shower Gift Guide – Playtime

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There are so many different toys for babies. I’ve linked some of my little girl’s favorites at different stages of her development. I noticed that she really liked the “classic” toys – rattles, blocks, stacking cups, etc – they are classic for a reason! Babies need toys to improve tummy time, like the water mat. Toys for chewing while teething. And as she has grown, my girl loves the bar table and the walking toys.

Baby Shower Gift Guide – Food

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  1. Drinking Cup: As Your Baby Grows You Need A Drinking Cup! I prefer the ones with a weighted straw that will work at any angle your baby will hold the cip at.
  2. Ezpez Dishes & Utensils: I love the plates from this brand because they suck on your high chair which helps with clutter so the baby can’t throw the plate on the floor haha. They also have great utensils and cups that are small and wide for little baby hands to hold. I suggest buying the package with everyone to save some money!
  3. Drying rack: You will be cleaning so many bottles and cups that it’s nice to have a hygienic drying rack. This rack is great for holding small bottles and lids!
  4. Bottles: There are so many different bottles on the market too, and babies can be picky about which one to take it with. If you are breastfeeding and drinking bottles, I recommend the Comotomo bottles – they are intended for breastfed babies and have an anti-Kollik nipple. Our little girl took her in right away and we loved her!
  5. Silicone Bibs: I tried some of the bibs for a minute … but I either had to do laundry and wash all the time, or I had to buy a million of these just to have on hand. I quickly bought a silicone bib and it changed my life! Just rinse it off after every meal and you’re good to go! A bib replaces the dozen of fabrics you would go through!
  6. Bottle Disinfectants: These cool disinfectants will save you the time of having to boil your bottles to disinfect them. They are definitely a need, not a need, but when you have room on your budget they are nice to have!
  7. Cute high chair accessories: We have the Ikea Antilop high chair and there are kind of cute accessories coming out for them on Etsy! I love getting these silicone placemats – they make cleaning up so much easier than taking the entire tray off. And how cute are the pillowcases? They have so many cute and trendy patterns for boys and girls and a ton of gender neutral ones. Make your high chair cute!

Baby Shower Gift Guide – Clothes for Girls & Boys

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Baby Shower Gift Guide – Basics

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  1. Diaper rash ointments: I think I found a * great * combo against diaper rash. I apply a layer of Aquaphor Baby Ointment first (this will cure the diaper rash in a few hours) and then fill it up with the Desitin Ointment (which protects against future diaper rash). Baby’s bum gets better in just a few hours! Plus – just one tip – when you put the Desitin on, you’ll want to put on the stuff like freezing a cake! A thick layer protects your baby’s butt!
  2. Gastrop: My cousin gave me some of these drops at my baby shower and told me if my baby is crying and I’ve done whatever I can think of, try giving her some of these drops – it’s probably just gaseous! Poor babies don’t even know or understand all of the strange things that are going on with their bodies. These drops help!
  3. The best diaper bag! You will find that this bag looks like a very popular (but very expensive) diaper bag. This bag is almost identical, just no branding, and is 1/4 the cost!
  4. Diaper change pad: These pads come in a pack of 3 and are nice and big. I hated the little ones that didn’t cover the whole baby (especially if you use a public changing table!) So these are great because the baby isn’t touching anything else. They roll up well and are machine washable! I have one in my diaper bag and one on my changing mat in the nursery and a spare in case they get dirty!
  5. Humidifier: When the baby is sick, a humidifier is so beautiful that it can breathe! Especially if you live in a dry climate.
  6. Nose Frida: Another article for sick babies! This nose Frida is great at getting boogers out of baby’s nose! So much better than those little blue ball nose suckers! They are a little strange to use at first, but so great!

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