Homeschooling Large Family Style: 8.-15. August notes HomeSchool

Saturday The kids started the day with their video game time on Saturday morning. I spent 2 hours in an online seminar teacher training course. In the afternoon, I took the kids outside to play when our new fridge arrived. We have only one refrigerator for a long time, and it is difficult to pack food and milk for 12 people into a single small refrigerator. We saved money and then hit COVID and delayed production of the model that was the right size to fit the space we had in that old house. We finally got the fridge today!

Sunday It was a peaceful day in the home church that Samuel helped teach the lesson. In the evening we had a little family reunion to say goodbye to Makayla before she goes back to college next week. We also surprised my husband with a cake celebrating his college achievement. He just completed his associate degree and certificate this summer after working hard in a class or two at the same time for the past few years. It was loud and fun.

Monday Tomorrow I was working at school with a couple of kids before 8am. Jason took the last 4 children to the dentist for cleaning. I did our housework on Monday with the rest of the kids and then worked with the dentist kids. I was able to go shopping in the late afternoon after we had a fridge ready. It was a hot day but nice to do some shopping. In the evenings I worked on my own class for the seminar.

Tuesday Everyone woke up and rolled into school after breakfast. It was a smooth and easy day. I spend most of the morning working with one or the other child or group of children. Church friends brought more vegetables from their garden. This time we found potatoes, tomatoes, onions and more in the box. We mashed half the potatoes for the meatloaf for dinner, which was delicious.

Wednesday is noteworthy because several children decided to get dressed and undressed throughout the day. You never knew who would come to the table when you called for a child. Would it be a ninja, a prince, a dragon or an astronaut?

Dinner was made by Daniel tonight. He decided on a new recipe out of a Raddish box – Spanikopita Bites. We’re still pretty new to using our Raddish kits and yet we have to remember that while we have a much bigger family than the recipes, we don’t know if a lot of people will like the new recipes, so let’s make the recipe The normal size can be fine sometimes. Ha! The spanikopita had a filling of feta, parmesan, ricotta and spinach. In the middle of our plan for a double recipe, we decided to make a sweet dessert with half of the filo dough. We mixed sugar, honey and cinnamon and drizzled the dough before folding it up. Some kids preferred the sweet version, others the savory version, and others a cereal bowl – after trying both versions of Spanikopita.

Thursday and Friday was our last two days with Makayla before going back to college. Homeschool still took place in the morning and helped with packing and prep. We have Mason’s triple surgery scheduled for mid-September. There were final meals together, tears and secret map projects. Friday evening we loaded the van with their boxes and bags.

Saturday The morning alarm rang at 4:30 in the morning and my husband Makayla and I got up, ate breakfast, and drove off. Grandma held down the fort at home with the other nine children. They love it when she is the one in charge. Our trip was rainy but had little traffic for the most part. We reached Makayla’s new dormitory at 12:00 PM and spent a couple of hours helping her unpack, went to the local WalMart to buy groceries for her dormitory, and built a shelf. At 3pm it was goodbye hugs and Jason and I drove home through more rain and arrived at 10pm.

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