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In Canada we are used to four seasons of the year – if you are lucky you can sometimes experience them all on the same day! The weather plays a huge role in how we plan for the weekend, how we dress, and how we spend the day. If you’ve suddenly changed your plans to stay indoors, here are some tips to help you have a productive day indoors!

Untangle your space

Yes, that means even the awful trash drawer! Go through your closet, the basement, your bookshelf. It’s time to discard anything you no longer need or use. Start a donation container so that it can be reused or drop it off at your local reuse center. Having less clutter in your house makes things feel easier … and the best part is that you have room for newer items that you kept an eye on at the local stores!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take place in spring

Sure, you can clean your house like it’s just another week, or you can dive deep into the nooks and crannies you usually forget! Clean the ceiling fan. Maybe you have a couple of creaky hinges or you need to tighten the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Wash the sofa cushions and the curtains. Remove the cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling and clean the grout with a toothbrush. Get creative and, in our humble opinion, start one room at a time – there’s nothing worse than starting the whole house just to get tired after one room!

Rearrange furniture

Give your home a new look by moving some parts or changing the layout of some rooms! Reposition the couch or turn off the lights. Hang photos on the walls or swap them from other rooms so that new energy can enter the room. Swap out the sofa cushions, update some of the photos in the frames, or make new centerpieces for your coffee table and dining room. The staging of a house does not always have to be for the purpose of selling, but rather helps to increase the energy and breathe new life into the same rooms in which you live day after day.

Finish your DIY projects

We have them all. Something we started months ago and haven’t finished yet. You may even have been collecting items for years in the hopes that you will make something useful out of them in your home. There is no time like the present.

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