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A few weeks ago we created a small menu planner in Excel so that I can better keep track of which items I had to use in my fridge, freezer and in my cupboards, and to be able to shop more sustainably with less waste.

With that, I have two more goals: to keep the momentum with which my 4-year-old decided to expand the foods he wants to try and also to try to balance my compulsion to hoard tinned and dry packets Were. Having experienced food poverty a few times in my life, I have found solace in having an emergency supply of food that I know I will have in the worst case, but I realize that this is more of a limitation on me and in the US The world’s smallest kitchen is quite problematic.

With this simple little Excel spreadsheet, I can fill tabs with the items that are in my freezer or cupboards, or meals I want to cook, and use simple drop-down selectors to create a weekly menu before I get a printable one Format menu.

The version that I styled for myself runs Wednesday through Tuesday as I get my grocery delivery on a Tuesday evening. It was designed using the Twinkl Primary font as I wanted it to be kid friendly so my 4 year old could access it anytime. This font is specifically designed for learning resources for primary school children.

Some IG supporters asked if they could look at the spreadsheet, so I’ve uploaded it here for download. I made a few changes to make it easy to use even if you don’t use Excel extensively, and changed things like the font (switched to plain Verdana so it could be seen by everyone) so it could be made to look like you should have probably happy. I’ve also adjusted the week to run Monday through Sunday, but that too is easy to edit. Download the menu planner table.

How to use the menu table

Under the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks tabs, fill the columns with your choices of possible meals or the items you have in your freezer and cupboards.

You will notice the interesting mix of home meals and things we try to get our little boy used to as they usually appear on school menus. You can of course fill it with all of your own foodie stuff.

On the Setup tab, click in each cell for a specific meal, click the small drop-down arrow that appears, then select the items of your meal from the options.

If any of the combinations here look a little strange, it’s because I’ve made some changes to make these more user-friendly for non-Excel users, and clicked on a few random food options.

Once your menu is filled in, click on the “Printable Menu Planner” tab which will create a final printable draft of the weekly menu as you type in sentence syntax, etc.

You’ll want to play around with the styling when you want to print it out, but I recommend leaving the line height unchanged as it will fit perfectly on an A4 sheet of paper.

And that’s really all. You can use each of the meal tabs to fill in what you have in your freezer and cabinet, to find your way around bloated grocery stores, or to create a menu to shop smartly in or expand if you can Your (or a kids menu and recipe repertoire so you don’t resort to cooking the same six dishes in turns. I use it as a combination of all three and it really works for me.

Let me know what you think and if you have any helpful tips on home and life organization!

The header image shows a macaroni cheese I made last week. It was amazingly good.

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