What’s the best white color for the outside of your home? – Interior design by Kandrac & Kole Interior Design

I recently made a major renovation to my house. Primarily the roof and gutters needed to be replaced, and it had been nearly 14 years since the house had been painted.

Choosing an exterior color is very different from choosing an interior color. Often times the color we like on the swatch appears a lot lighter and washed out once it’s on the siding / stucco / brick etc.

My house was gray with black shutters and I liked it but was ready for a change. We never wanted a stucco house, it’s a long story how we ended up in this house.

I have no problem choosing a color palette for clients of course, but as many designers know, we are paralyzed when it comes to our own homes. I went on the internet for picture ideas and this is what attracted me:

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