Moving to Portugal During a Global Pandemic Mother

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Dad Meeting us at the Airport after being far apart!

What I miss most?

Aside from that, the hardest part is not having family or friends in a new country. Having to deal with the loneliness of that on top of the pandemic wasn’t the easiest of emotions to navigate.

Thankfully in live in a world where we can communicate with our loved ones anytime! I had a quarantine birthday party via Zoom with my family which was lovely.

It’s still an ongoing process, places of business have opened up fully but with restrictions. Although social interaction isn’t happening we’re at least happier we can leave the house and see actual people.

Hardest Transition?

Not knowing anything about anyone or anything. New money, customs, brands, food, and others. I at last now know who the president is. But you feel like a child – lost but learning as I go.

What I’m most grateful for?

Definitely knowing the language! This has been such a relief! Although it’s quite different then the Brazilian Portuguese I’m used to. I’m still learning but I definitely have a leg up on the situation.

What I’m looking forward to?

A sense of normalcy and a schedule to follow. I can wake up when I want to, and do. I’m not a self-starter and getting a schedule down would be of great help.

My son’s bedtime has been the most affected. Being that I’m a stickler for an early bedtime, he’s mostly gone to bed closer to 10:00 pm (sometimes as late as midnight). That hasn’t been fun.

In closing …

Things are still in major transition, we have pending documents to procure for my son and I still since most offices were closed. It’s all a matter of time.

We look forward to having normalcy back, as I’m sure everyone around the world is too.

But I’m glad we’re on this side of the world during the pandemic.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’ll be writing more about our new life in Portugal in hopes that it will help guide any families wanting to make a move here.

Next on the list – tackling school enrollment! Wish us luck.


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