How to make small rooms look bigger with staging Scandinavian

Maximizing space requirements is an important goal when staging and selling homes. However, it can seem a little more challenging and at times intimidating when working with smaller spaces. For this reason, we are giving some tips and tricks on how small rooms can look bigger. We will also share what to avoid in a small space.

Avoid clutter

Less is more

Kitchen countertop with a fish cookbook on display.

When it comes to small spaces, less is more. Avoid placing too many objects on surfaces to avoid clutter. Ideas for simple things to put on your countertop include a bowl of fruit, a cookbook, or a few plants.

Keep an open layout

Another way to avoid clutter is to keep an open layout. This makes the rooms appear more spacious. Avoid blocking traffic patterns and keep hallways clear.

Give each room a clear purpose

A small space can look cluttered if it serves more than one purpose. To avoid this, make sure that each room has a clear purpose. For example, if your living room is also a playroom, bring the toys to the nursery until your house is sold.

Don’t overcrowd your shelves

Keep all areas of a room free of clutter, including your shelves. Put just a few items on each shelf in your closet, pantry, and built-ins. You don’t want them to look too full.

Choose the right furniture

Living room with light blue love seats, white carpet and white coffee table.

The size is important

Choose furniture that is slimmer than bulky. Choose shorter furniture. Shorter furniture makes the walls appear larger and the room also appear larger.

Use transparent furniture

A living area with a sofa, artwork on the wall, two club armchairs and a transparent coffee table.

There is no better way to create the illusion of more space than with transparent furniture. Consider using glass table tops and Lucite chairs trick the eye. The more floor space you can see, the larger the room appears.

Choose multifunctional furniture

Because space is limited, it is best to choose pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes. For example, choose a desk with built-in shelves or storage space. You can also use an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.

Stick to a few large pieces

You can maximize a small space by sticking to larger pieces of furniture instead of having lots of small pieces. When you have a lot of small parts, a small space feels tight. It feels more comfortable with fewer parts.

Choose the right colors

Small bedroom with bright children's furniture.

Choose bright colors

Light colors ensure that rooms feel open and airy. On the contrary, dark colors absorb light and make a room appear smaller. You can choose a dark accent piece or an accent wall, but leave everything else light.

Stick to a monochromatic color scheme

A monochromatic color scheme is the best option for a smaller space. If you choose contrasting colors, the space will be dissolved and even smaller. Coordinate wall and furniture colors. If you combine the furniture with the wall colors, a room is created that blends in well. A well mixed room is easy on the eyes and creates the illusion of a larger room.

More tips

Stay away from bold prints

Neutral colors are best for small spaces. Bold prints are heavy on the eyes and therefore can make a room appear smaller. Add more dimension and visual interest to the space by adding textures instead.

Use reflective surfaces

Using reflective surfaces makes a room look bigger because they reflect the space and the light. This can be achieved by placing a large framed mirror in a room. It doesn’t just do that Make the room look bigger, but it can also serve as a beautiful, decorative piece. For a less traditional solution, try a reflective coffee table or glass console.

Move your couch and end tables away from the wall

It might seem counterintuitive to move the couch and end tables away from the wall to make a room appear larger, but it works. It pays less attention to where your walls end and uses the negative space to your advantage.

Remove or open the curtains to let in more light

The more light a room has, the bigger it looks. To let in most of the light, remove the curtains or keep them open. Also, choose curtains that are light instead of heavy. Fill dark corners with light.

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