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If you are looking for a one watch collection, a simple and classic dress watch is the way to go.


Well, although it is referred to as a “dress watch,” it is an extremely versatile watch. Looks great with a suit. Looks great in a casual business environment. It’s simple enough to go with most casual looks. And fits perfectly into a formal environment.

There is a wide variety of clothing watches at different prices. However, if you want to move up to a luxury category – to celebrate a milestone, to have something special one day – we recommend five of our watch favorites.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin

best luxury dress watches men

I’ve been a big Jaeger-LeCoultre fan for a while. In fact, it’s one of my favorite watch brands. I appreciate the fact that the brand is a little under the radar in public and that those who run the brand don’t really mind that fact. It’s part of attraction – when you know, you know. Jaeger-LeCoultres Master Collection may not be as well known as the Reverso, but in my opinion a sleeper. Easy. Elegant. Understated. Price as shown: $ 16,300.

Vacheron Constantin legacy

best luxury dress watches men
People tend to have some kind of “coriander reaction” to Vacheron Constantin – you love them or you hate them. Your overseas sports watch is definitely a love-hate relationship. However, a classic legacy checks all the boxes for timeless style and horological mastery. Price as shown: $ 21,500.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

best luxury dress watches men
In these times, it can be easy to ponder many brands of which steel blue dial sports watch they are offering. And with Patek Philippe, of course, it’s the 5711. While the 5711 may be the hot watch right now, Patek is really known for its old-school elegance, as shown here with a classic Calatrava. It’s unique. And in a word: perfect. Price as shown: 20,800.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Extra thin

best luxury dress watches men
You would surely be forgiven if you thought, “Wait, Audemars Piguet makes dress watches ?!” Although AP is primarily known for its revolutionary Royal Oak model, it also makes some pretty serious dress watches. This Jules Audemars Extra-Thin is a perfect illustration. Price as shown: $ 30,000.

A. Lange & Sons Saxonia Thin

I have a similar affinity to A. Lange & Söhne as I do to Jaeger-LeCoultre. They’re another pretty under the radar brand that the true connoisseur must know and love. The brand’s flagship, the Lange 1, is a modern classic with its own design language. And while the Sachsen is much more reserved when it comes to design, it is pure perfection all round. A true watch enthusiast watch. Price as shown: $ 15,400.

How do you choose?

It’s true that our five picks here look pretty similar in terms of overall style. There are, of course, many subtle design differences – many specific to their respective brands – and movements, but in general they are all quite similar – they are simple, round dress clocks. How to choose

Of course, price does matter, but let’s put that aside for a moment, because if you’re considering jumping into the luxury category, I’ll bet that while price is certainly on your mind, it won’t play a completely oversized role in yours Decision.

At this level, it really comes down to figuring out which brand resonates with you the most. Are you a JLC guy? Are you a patek guy? Are you a vacheron Are you an AP type? Or are you tall? Research each brand. Find out their story. Get to know the wider collections. And as I mentioned earlier, every brand has its own little design quirks and signatures – which ones pique your curiosity and passion? Of course, the best way to really make a decision is to see the watches for yourself and try them out on your wrist.

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best luxury dress watches men

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