10 must-have things for an outdoor video tour Scandinavian

10 must-have things to include in an outdoor video tour / 10_must_have_things_to_include_in_an_outdoor_video_tour

The recent changes in people’s lives and behavior caused by a pandemic made video tours much more popular than they used to be. People continue to buy and sell houses, but do not rush to personally visit every property they are interested in. As a result, more and more realtors are trying to take short video tours of the property for sale so potential buyers can see whatever they want. It is possible to go back to the places they think are important even when you are a hundred miles from your future business. How can brokers make these video tours more attractive to buyers? A lack of experience can give the opposite impression. These simple tips will help real estate agents avoid this gross mistake.

Start with Curb Appeal

Try to focus on all 4 corners of the house. It will open up the view of the home sides including windows, porch and roof. Another advantage of such a shooting is the ability to stand in the corner of the yard and view how much space there is at home. Otherwise it will be difficult to get.

Show neighboring houses


People want to surround themselves with beauty on all sides, and understanding how far away neighboring houses are and whether they are looking at your windows is important.

Pay attention to all details in the open air

It is not enough to make a circle around the house. Not only do people buy a house, they also buy all the amenities around it. Try to focus on the quality of the fence, entrance and gate, possible constructions if any. Don’t forget to show plants there too!

Other outbuildings


Some houses have a garage or a summer house, a pool or a separate terrace with a fireplace. All of these buildings add to the total cost of the home and should also be visited by potential buyers during the tour. You can see their condition and functionality.

Be careful with the landscaping

Not all people like to take care of lawns, bushes and flowers. So it is enough to give a general overview of the area next to the house and pay attention to the trees growing in the garden. It is possible to focus on their healthy looks and possible uses such as shade on sunny days.

Not all people enjoy clearing snow from long driveways, but a real person can focus on their size from the beneficial side. This path leads people further away from busy roads and noise and enables pleasant walks in the evenings. They will be a lot of fun for the children in winter and take care of the vehicle.

Look at the country

No matter how strange it sounds, the country matters too. Some people buy houses to grow plants, while slopes or standing water can be a barrier. Some houses are built on solid rocks and there is little chance of growing trees there.

The state of the veranda and terrace

The first thing shown to buyers is a general look at that part of the house. Then you should focus on details including the roof and possible leaks, the quality and condition of the deck, how well they are attached by grasping and shaking the railing, etc.

Take a closer look at the home teams

A look from an angle reveals no cracks, damage or other defects. Hence, it is important to move a phone from the basement to the roof so that the viewer can assess all possible problems. It’s also a great way to see the condition of windows, doors, and paneling and, if they are spoiled, negotiate the price.

Tell about smell and sound

Since mobile devices are still unable to transmit smells and tastes, it is necessary to communicate your own feelings about them. There may be a smell of mold in damp areas, or poor plumbing can create another unbearable odor. If you can feel the smell of flowers or plants nearby, say so. The same goes for noise. Wind and language do not let people understand whether this area is noisy and what to expect there. Hence, any sounds that you hear next to a house for sale should be explained to potential buyers. Who knows, they might hate birdsong or ship sirens.

As you can see, homes shouldn’t be viewed just inside. All details outside should also be evaluated. So keep these details in mind and make your video tours more informative to keep your customers happy.

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