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H.Hello dear people!

I’m back after an endless sabbatical. But believe me, the break was quite rejuvenating and helped me replenish my energy and creativity. What did I do with my restored energy? Well, I’ve been renovating my dining room a long time. Almost two years ago I had given a new look to one of my dining room walls and, to be completely honest, the result was due to the egregious hue I had chosen and the overtime in which I found the collection of baskets and plates displayed unsatisfactory The wall looked cluttered. Below is the picture of the wall I am talking about.

Dining room makeover
I really wanted to change the look of this wall, but I had no idea what to do: summed up my dilemma. Fortunately, I found out about it Photo wall, a Swedish company that sees wall as a giant blank canvas and gives its customers the opportunity to be creative and fill this blank canvas with their own colors and ideas. As a fully digital company, Photowall can instantly adjust and print all individual orders. So without further delay, I scoured the website to see if they had any wallpapers that would be best for my dining room wall.

Here is an important announcement for my dear readers.

Photowall kindly offers all of my readers an exclusive 25% discount. So if you plan to buy a wallpaper from the website, forget to use the discount code. “dishapw25“when checking out. The offer is valid until September 25, 2020.

Photo wall wallpaper

After spending some time on their website, I was spoiled for choice as they have a wide variety of wallpapers, from designers to murals to customizable ones. I absolutely loved the Vintage Flower Mural wallpaper for its beautiful colors and great print. So I went ahead and placed the order. I also added a wallpaper applicator kit to my cart to make it easier for me to hang the wallpaper once I received it.

How to hang wallpaper

From choosing the background image to ordering, every step was easy. If you live in Europe the shipping is absolutely free, otherwise the amount payable will be increased by 35 €. To my surprise, the package arrived within a week of ordering. The package was carefully packed and everything was intact when I opened it.

How to hang wallpaper

After I rolled out the wallpaper, my joy knew no bounds. I just loved everything about this “Vintage Flower Mural” wallpaper; its colors, the print, the quality of the wallpaper, the way all the details were written on each wallpaper tile, and how beautiful the mural looked after I cut all the tiles and arranged them on the floor to get a glimpse of the entire wallpaper to throw.

Photo wall wallpaper
Now let’s get to work. It’s time to hang the wallpaper. I used to think this would be the hardest step, but with the clear instructions on the leaflet that came with the wallpaper, everything was extremely easy. First, I prepared the glue according to the directions on the glue package and then applied it to the wall covering the area enough to hang the first wallpaper tile.

How to hang wallpaper

Next, I made sure to check the height of the wall so that the wallpaper would go in the right place when pasted and the job wouldn’t look bad.

Photo wall wallpaper

At the top you will see a tab with all the details of the background image. This tab goes to the ceiling and all you have to do is line up the dashed line on the background image with the edge of the wall. Now use the smoothing brush to carefully stick the wallpaper to the wall and immediately wipe off any excess glue with a sponge or soft cloth. Glue in the background image until it covers the entire length of the entire background.

Photo wall wallpaper

When hanging the second wallpaper tile, be sure to align the tile with the previous wallpaper tile so it matches the pattern. Press the seam with a seam roller. This will help make the seam invisible.

How to hang wallpaper

Now use a decorative guide and a knife to cut off the excess wallpaper. Repeat the steps for hanging the wallpaper until the entire wall is covered with the wallpaper. Let the wallpaper dry for at least a day.

Now let me show you how this beautiful wallpaper completely changed my dining area. The wallpaper gave the dining room a cheerful atmosphere. You can also view the whole “Dining Room Makeover” video on my YouTube channelI added the video at the end of this post.
How to hang wallpaper

Here is another picture with slight differences in the lighting to show you how the shade of the wallpaper looks just amazing in all kinds of lights.

How to hang wallpaper

All I can say about this wallpaper is that it is absolutely stunning. It filled my blank canvas with the most amazing and beautiful colors.

How to hang wallpaper

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to hang the wallpaper.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Leave me a comment if you have any questions!

Have fun decorating !!

I will come up with something new and interesting very soon.

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