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Whenever we look forward to doing something, we hold a yardstick for the things we are going to do.

We expect what the end result will be, or at least what the reaction will be.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals.

But – are we really setting our goals right?

When seen, most of our goals are – result / performance based.

Goals – to make something of them.

We make goals out of the things that don’t control us.

I’ve heard this thing for a very long time.

However, it is IDK why it becomes difficult even for me to grasp.

The thing is, we should set goals, what to do and stuff like that.

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We always try to compare our things to others, most likely to those who are above us. That’s what cripples us.

We don’t just do it and keep doing it.

Trying MORE TIMES is the answer to almost all of your answers.

If you want to know if you are on the right track or not, try several times

You will get an answer eventually.

Stop being afraid of failure (the hardest but most important thing everyone needs to learn in order to advance failure).

Stop comparing your things to others. Especially with those above you.

Just stop.

It won’t affect them at all. You won’t care at all.


It will affect you hardcore.

The only answer is: try it several times

Stop making it harder for you.

I’ve seen people do more with less skills and less stuff – just by doing it more often.

Create your own happiness to provide yourself there with more shots.


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