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A few months ago, Jackson and I started doing what we like to call “emotional check-ins.” He has always tried to process and express his feelings, and we are deliberately trying to verbalize how he feels.

With everything that’s going on (and gosh it’s a lot), I thought maybe we could check in a bit today.

How are She?

How real. I don’t mean the “I’m busy but good” kind of “How are you?” I mean the real way. Are you okay? Stressed out about school time or working from home or other things? Or do you just love life?

We honestly do it really great. We absolutely love Corey working from home (we hope it never ends!), And all the extra family time was honestly so nice. We’re all homebodies anyway, so we mostly enjoyed being forced to just slow down and really be together. The cases in our area looked pretty scary, so we are still pretty tight-lipped, but I keep reminding myself that this is just a phase of our lives and one day we will be “normal” again (which is) normal yet?).

Of course, it’s not just sunshine and roses. My job is very flexible and we were so grateful for being a freelancer / contract worker at a time so uncertain (and unprecedented) is nerve-wracking to say the least.

We’re also broken that we have to make the very difficult decision of keeping Jackson home for virtual learning (at least earlier this year). He misses his school and his friends so much, but we know that it is the right choice for our family. We keep our fingers crossed that we can send it back before Christmas, but who knows how things will develop.

Bottom line? For us, every day is a bittersweet mix of the time we spend as a family and the feeling of being nervous and afraid of the insecurity it is associated with everything right now. We are all a little bit more emotional than usual, we try to give each other grace and we learn how to be the best support system for each other that we can be.

It’s your turn – how are you?

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