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Last year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) faced a financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Already in May of this year, a USCIS spokesman told the US government that a $ 1.2 billion bailout would be required by summer to cover operating costs. The agency found that fewer and fewer applicants were submitting applications and petitions to USCIS, resulting in a massive loss of revenue for the agency.

In order to keep itself alive, the agency agreed to increase the registration fee for certain types of applications and petitions.

Today the Department of Homeland Security is official announced a last rule this will be registered in the Federal Register on August 3approx This will increase registration fees for certain types of immigration services.

The final regulation will take effect 60 days from August 3approx – the date of publication that falls on October 2, 2020.

This means that applications stamped with incorrect fees on or after October 2, 2020 will be rejected by USCIS.


The following types of immigration requests are most affected by significant price increases:

  • I-929 petition for a qualified family member of a U-1 non-immigrant

Current fee: $ 230

Final Fee: $ 1,485 (546% increase)

  • I-881 Application for suspension or removal of deportation under special arrangements

Current fee: $ 285

Final Fee: $ 1,810 (535% increase)

  • I-193 Application for passport and / or visa exemption

Current fee: $ 585

Final fee: $ 2,790 (377% increase)

  • N-300 Request for Memorandum of Understanding

Current fee: $ 270

Final fee: $ 1,305 (383% increase)

  • I-192 Application for Pre-Entry Non-Immigrant Entry (CBP)

Current fee: $ 585

Final fee: $ 1,400 (139% increase)

  • N-400 Naturalization Application (Online Filing)

Current fee: $ 640 + $ 85 biometrics

Final fee: $ 1,160 (81% increase)

  • N-400 naturalization application (paper filing)

Current fee: $ 640 + $ 85 biometrics

Final fee: $ 1,170 (83% increase)

  • I-129 H2A named as beneficiary

Current fee: $ 460

Final fee: $ 850 (85% increase)

Current fee: $ 460

Final fee: $ 805 (75% increase)

  • I-129 CW, I-129E & TN and I-129 MISC

Current fee: $ 460

Final fee: $ 695 (51% increase)

  • I-485 permanent residence registration or status change (only for applicants under 14 years of age)

Current fee: $ 750

Final fee: $ 1,130 (51% increase)

  • I-601A Provisional waiver of unlawful presence

Current fee: $ 630

Final Fee: $ 960 (52% increase)

  • I-129 H2B – Named Beneficiaries

Current fee: $ 460

Final Fee: $ 715 (55% increase)

Current fee: $ 460

Final fee: $ 705 (53% increase)

  • I-765 Application for work permit NON-DACA

Current fee: 410 USD

Final fee: $ 550 (34% increase)

  • I-751 petition to lift the terms

Current fee: $ 595

Final fee: $ 760 (28% increase)

The filing fee increases effective October 2, 2020

For a complete list of increases in the registration fee, see the following table:

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