Reduce Redux Day 10 STEM

Last day of my revision of Getting Unstuck 2020! There have been tons of great projects in the studio again and after my personal explorations, I’ll start all over again creating student projects with some of the 230+ creations saved!

I had seen soooo many great projects with the Translate extension, I knew I wanted to do a project with these blocks. The idea behind it was a mixture of two things: the kid’s game “phone” – where a message is passed from person to person and second, the amazing international scratch community! Every day groups of people from all over the world came together to work on this experience. Scratchers from all over North America, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and Australia gave me advice and solved my coding problems every day. I wanted to celebrate both in my original project for day 10:

So for this last day there were some ideas I wanted to explore, but I settled on a “typewriter” effect that @karenb used on their 10th day (and by several other scratchers over the course of GU 2020), and went back to a project by @yhsieh in the studio on day 5 where she brought Van Gogh’s Starry Night to life with perfect musical accompaniment and some deletions and replacements.
I love Art Nouveau and have decided to take the Czech artist Mucha and combine his work with a contemporary compatriot – Dvorak. The Metropolitan Opera has been broadcasting its productions every evening since mid-March (which has been a lifeline in my new existence) and tonight is Rusalka! It should be like that! It’s not as effective as @ yhsiehs, but I hope you enjoy it!

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