COVID 19 trends of the week: July 27th to 31st :REAL ESTATE

Emphasize that the path of the economy from “the course of the virusThe Federal Reserve decided this week to keep interest rates close to zero and promised to continue its emergency credit programs.

1. Hotel and retail owner ‘HOPE’ for help with new credit facilities.

The proliferation of the corona virus affects hotel and retail properties and leads to disruptions in the public and private property markets. However, hotel and retail property borrowers may have a lifeline for a new credit facility introduced under HR 7809, the Helping Open Properties Endeavor Act.

Hotels Hurry up to raise money as government aid may end
Marcus & Millichap / Wall Street Journal

Shoppers are still cautious about returning to malls, trying on clothes, and traveling

Proposed bill would save the afflicted CMBS industry

2. The end of the city? Probably not.

Surburban office property in Reston, Va. Image via Flickr

Local developers and investors are confident, as many speculate that businesses and residents will reverse the urbanization trend and look for low real estate and more open spaces. However, many economists believe that this is a temporary change of mood rather than a reversal of happiness for American cities and real estate developers who have put their future on the urban bait.

Suburban garden-style apartments will be the future of the multi-family sector
National real estate investor

Will COVID-19 End the Urbanization Era?
Executive for commercial real estate

3. Real estate trading groups are pushing for relief.

Commercial groups and affordable housing advocates have made final efforts this week to get Congress to pass new relief laws before the existing one expires on July 31. One of the key points in the new bill is whether or not to extend the $ 600 or additional unemployment benefit that has helped residents meet their monthly commitments. Real estate groups agree with the Democrats that increased unemployment benefits should continue, but do not want the moratorium on buildings with state-backed mortgages to be extended. They also support small business rental support and milder guidelines for the Pay Check Protection Loan Program.

Industry is pushing for more rent relief to avoid the domino effect
Multi-housing news

Real Estate’s largest industry lobbyists tell us what will be included in the next stimulus bill

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