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An interesting phenomenon emerged in the Get Your Writing Done program last week when people wrote deeper into the creative flow.

write togetherAfter we warmed up our breathing and movement, everyone started to write. It was inspiring to see how focused and focused each face was when writing. After 40 minutes, I asked if the group wanted more time.

A clear “YES!”

Four more minutes

Laurie Hunt writerWhat impressed me was Laurie HuntComment after:

“I’m amazed at what I did in four minutes! It’s a lesson about “every little bit makes a difference.” I usually think I need a lot of time to sit down and write my book, but so much can happen even in a small amount. “

Write deeper in the creative flow

Book proposal for the soul of all living beings

Dr. Vint Virga is a great example of an author who went deeper and deeper in writing and the practice has made his book a classic.

When I thought about the power of the past four minutes, I shared what I had learned: “When we think we’re done, there is often the greatest juice. There is a part of us who often holds back – out of fear, our ego or the inner critic. That is part of being human. In this additional moment, the censor often relaxes and suddenly we go deeper. “

Part of the writing is leaving the surface of things and diving deeper – whether that means being more vulnerable, exploring new ideas, or being more creative in our work. Small tricks like the additional five minutes at the end of a lesson can often serve as a catalyst for this deeper work.

In fact, after class, after our first 35-45 minute writing session, we pause, participate in some considerations and optional sharing, and then start writing for another 35-45 minutes. The second session is often even more efficient.

Connection with the inner muse for creative flow

Lorraine SegalLorraine Segal writing mentioned a specific step that we take during class, namely the connection to our inner muse:

“This practice of checking in at the muse was just incredible for me. I have done it every time I write and it helps me to come out of meekness and trust. I did it yesterday and again committed to publishing my memoirs because I heard from my muse that I trust experts and can only listen if my intuition confirms this. It was a miracle! “

I often encourage people to connect with their inner muse with gratitude. The more positive feelings you generate for your creative source, the more your writing flows.

Write in a state of creative flow!

If you’re writing alone, think about how you can invite yourself to go deeper. And how to connect with your muse. And if you’re curious about what Get Your Writing Done can do for you, your writing practice, and your book, you can read more about it Get your Writing Done program Here.

Several participants mentioned certain practices that helped us get into this state, as well as the partner accountability system (an optimized and strategic 10-15 minute phone call once a week where the partners answer 5 questions about their engagement and Working through). . The optional accountability system helps you see what works, what doesn’t, and plan your next steps to make your habits work.

My denomination

Lisa Tenerife book writing coach

I took some new photos for my website (the old headshots were 8 years old!). Here I read a customer book. Maybe your book will be in the next photo shoot!

When everyone is writing in the river, I also worked on my books – wrote or revised them. I also find that the class easily puts me in a creative state and forces me to take the time to write. Of all the classes I have taught over the years, this is my favorite.

Can I say that I also love the other classes. But there is something about the simplicity and power of this class that makes me look forward to Thursday!

Read More Get your letter ready Program Here. And consider attending the August / September sessions.

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