The ‘Keeki bag’ from our product development studio in Toronto, Mako Design Industrial Design

Over the Keeki bag

For some, baking bread is a craft that is an integral part of their diet and life. It is a tradition for some to buy special breads to enjoy later and to wake up with fresh bread. While buying and baking bread seems like a leisurely past, it is important to ensure that the bread in which you invest your time and money is always fresh and lasts as long as possible. As a home baker, Nancy understood the beauty and dedication that comes with baking bread, but one problem she was constantly faced with was learning how to properly store her bread so that it could keep it fresh for enjoyment. This is how the Keeki bathroom was created. The Keeki bag is a plastic-free natural way to store your bread. The genius of the product lies in the use of beeswax in a linen sack. The bag has a wide opening and a closing drawstring for easy access and use. This allows the bread to breathe instead of being wrapped in a plastic bag. The Keeki bag ensures that your bread does not absorb a lot of moisture and does not promote mold, but prevents the bread from drying out.

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