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Fear of change

Fear is at the heart of our problems of making changes [Updated]I have had numerous discussions in the past few weeks and the common theme was fear.

It’s the fear of making a mistake, the fear of not knowing what to do, the fear of getting stuck, or just the fear of changing something.

With COVID-19, fear is caused by uncertainty.

Fear paralyzed everyone. Fear is the new 4-letter word “F”. In the past few weeks, I’ve talked about being brave, overcoming your fears, and just moving in one direction.

Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and updated in July 2020.

Multipotentials and fear

Multipotentialists have many interests. They tend to really care about a topic, go deep, become an expert, and then get bored. You then want to proceed to the next step.

I wrote a very popular post on multipotentialism. Are you a multipotentialist?

When multipotentialists reach the second half of their lives and fail to achieve professional success, fear sets in. Self-doubts arise as to whether they will ever be as successful as they planned or hoped for.

I spoke to a gentleman last week who has acquired so many different qualifications, from certified project manager to certified nutritionist. He had spent most of his career fitting roles that just didn’t suit him. He left his last job exhausted after playing a role that he just couldn’t keep.

Most of us become actors at work. Check out my post Are you your authentic self or an actor at work? [Updated]. He could no longer play many of the roles that had brought him financial success.

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Fear set in. He wasn’t sure which way to go and just froze. He quit his job and took a break.

The problem was that he had to be free to explore it. He had to understand that this will not be a sprint, but a marathon, and he could end up in a dead end. He may have to turn around and try something else.

It was the fear of another change.


The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a new kind of fear, and that is the fear caused by insecurity.

When will we be back to normal? Nobody knows. And even if we do, nobody knows what the “new normal” will look like.

When will we have a vaccine, will it be effective and how long will it take for us to know if it’s safe to use? Again nobody knows.

How will my industry be affected? There were so many trickle effects. Some are obvious, but many are not. For example, we don’t get on planes and that’s why the airlines are in trouble. Because we don’t travel, we don’t rent cars. This did Register for Hertz bankruptcy. Now Hertz and other rental car manufacturers sell large quantities of their fleets on the used car market at depressing used car prices.

The car rental companies buy a large part of all new cars that they will not buy now. We don’t fly, which affects the auto industry.

How is my job influenced? Like your industry, your job can be disrupted. I was listening to a Wall Street podcast about a hairdresser who made $ 175,000 a year in the oil stain in West Texas. Between the blockade of COVID-19, the spitting between Russia and Saudia Arabia over oil production and the falling capital for the fracking industry, this hairdresser considered stopping his business.

Not sure about your career? I guess most of you are.

I grew up with the mantra “Failure is not an option” that we now know is utter nonsense. Failure means that we have learned something. But even though it’s a natural part of life, failure was not an acceptable option for many of us.

I worked with another gentleman who went to college and studied economics. Why can you ask He thought he could get a job when he graduated, which he did. It brought him into the finance and banking industries. Did he enjoy it?

Crap no.

In the past ten years, the pleasure of working directly with customers has almost become a robot when processing loan applications. The pressure to make decisions quickly and without enough information drives him crazy. He doesn’t want to change because he fears that if he spins, he will make less money. More importantly … what if it fails?

Money has become a straitjacket. He feels that he has to pay for his child’s college education. If he can only hold on for 5-10 years, he can do something else.

This fear of failure and money freezes him.

Change is inevitable

We are experiencing creative destruction at an explosive rate. Every year, new technologies destroy entire industries and professional groups, and at the same time create new opportunities.

The change does not slow down, but accelerates. If you fear the change, stay in the dust.

If you accept the change and are looking for ways to explore new interests, you may find many new ways to take off the clothes of the actor you were wearing.

You may need to simplify your life.

I have written several articles and produced several podcast episodes about our plans to move to Mexico. Take a look at the following page: How to move abroad and take your job with you Series in which I record our experiences.

We are now working to get rid of almost everything and shorten our lives so that we can live on a third of what we used to live on and at the same time are happier and healthier.

I know, I know, you are probably saying that this is crazy. They say to themselves, “You can, but I can’t.” I will make a bet where your fear speaks.

If the fear of a change freezes you, you become the victim of a change.

Marc Miller

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