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Exercise and its effects on the brain : Nigerian Education

Like every part of the body, the brain needs good nutrition; Good sleep and, of course, good exercise to keep your balance and perform well. It seems surprising to many people to know that their brains also benefit from exercises.

If you’re actually surprised, ask yourself the following question: Do you know that your brain needs oxygen? Yes! The brain constantly needs oxygen and glucose. Without enough oxygen or with a low blood-oxygen level in the brain, the brain would have trouble signaling where to send blood to oxygen-hungry muscles and tissues, and that would be very bad.

Exercise benefits for the brain

But don’t worry, because exercises do just that. Movement causes the heart to pump blood faster, sending a significant amount of blood to the brain, exposing the brain to more oxygen and nutrients. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Then I have to tell you a lot more.

Exercises are not just about improving your muscle size, but also about improving your physical health, shortening your waist, burning fats, improving your sex life, and extending your life for years (as many people believe). It doesn’t stop here; Exercises also improve your mental health and general well-being.

Now let’s go into details.

How movement affects the brain

Exercise supports the release of hormones

Exercises support the release of hormones and these hormones provide an excellent environment for brain cell growth. These hormones include dopamine and endorphins: do you remember dopamine? (From our previous article on the effects of masturbation on the brain) This hormone is one of the “happiness hormones” that are related to the brain’s reward system.

Exercise and its effects on the brain

Endorphins, on the other hand, are the body’s natural pain reliever. Endorphins also have a stress-relieving and mood-enhancing effect. And this brings us to another benefit of brain exercises.

Exercises reduce stress and promote your mood

Regular exercises have tremendous and profoundly positive effects on anxiety, depression, ADHD and many other mental health problems. Exercise not only improves your mood, it also gives you better sleep.

Exercise promotes brain plasticity

Brain plasticity, or “neuroplasticity,” as it is called, is the brain’s ability to experience biological changes that range from the cellular level to large-scale changes that involve cortical remapping (the process by which an existing one occurs cortical map is affected by a stimulus that leads to the creation of a “new” cortical map). Each part of the body is connected to a corresponding area in the brain that creates a cortical map. Such changes often occur due to psychological experiences. The exercise here stimulates the growth of new connections between cells in many important cortical areas of the brain.

A man who does sports

Exercise increases the growth factors in the brain

These growth factors make it easier for the brain to establish new neuronal connections. Remember neurons are the nerve cells that send and receive signals from the brain. You don’t want to imagine what would happen if the medium used was bad.

Exercise improves your self-esteem

Yes! If you start to have the perfect body shape and shape that you have always admired in other people, your self-esteem would definitely and significantly improve.

What are you waiting for? Start training at least an hour a day, or just 30 minutes initially (as recommended by most professionals). Try joining a team to make it more fun. Either a soccer team, volleyball, dancing, swimming or other sports or gymnastics that you enjoy. This makes exercises more appealing and tempting. When you join a team, you need to create a time because these teams always have meetups and training plans. However, if you’re not the team type, you can create your own schedule and do your solo exercises to your liking.

Always remember! Exercises should be fun. Do not dare to do something that you disagree with. And finally, determination is the key! Don’t just give up. Have fun exercising!

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