Art quilting boot camp! 10 tips to increase your creativity with Quilting Arts TV Quilting

Are you like me – ready to start a new project in the studio but need inspiration? Are you looking for a motivating new start? I have just the thing: Art quilting boot camp!

Let’s face it: Training in the middle of summer dog days doesn’t sound very appealing. But Art quilt boot camp? That sounds fun! The brand new season of Quilting Arts TV is the perfect antidote to the onset of summer, as it aims to help art quilters like you play their creative muscles and achieve their creative goals. Guests have so many brilliant ways to make the most of their studio time, from setting goals and creating plans for each piece to intuitive work and sprinting to the goal. This season, 16 art quilters share their secrets to stay motivated and do incredible art.

Read on for my favorite tips to encourage creativity and achieve your artistic goals

  1. Plan for success … but go with the flow too Mel Beach shows how you can create perfect pebble designs through careful planning and preparation, but also let inspiration take you in new directions. Your secret? Usual office supplies – price stickers – for use as a template for sewing.
  2. Cross train Do you need an energy boost? Mix things up. Seek creativity by exploring materials in your studio in new ways. Quilter Lauretta Crites paints Tyvek envelopes creates unique substrates with a fresh new look. Do you need more texture? Lauretta crumples the painted Tyvek for more interest.
This practical needle cover carries sashiko thread and needles for sewing on the go.
  1. Plan your art time Just like this date with a friend in the gym encouraging you to show up, your artistic practice can be planned. But what if you can’t make this appointment? Take your art with you. Vivika shares a practical sewing project on the go. What makes it special? The unique threading method for wearing sashiko needles.
  2. Clean and press Aside from Olympic weightlifting, pressing the quilt sandwich before quilting ensures that it is flat and has fewer unwanted wrinkles. Quite a few guests have shared this tip over the years!
Part of the fun of QATV is knowing more about guests and making real connections while eating. Sitting clockwise from bottom left: Susan Brubaker Knapp, Lynn Koolish, Lauretta Crites, Jeanne Delpit, Kristine Lundblad, Ana Sumner and her husband Vivienne Zepf and Beth Schillig.
  1. Make it fun Entertaining activities encourage participation. Earamichia Brown integrates childhood play into art quilt designs, using “scratch art” as inspiration. What is more fun than a random play of colors?
Candy Glendening makes Indigo Vat Dye an accessible process.
  1. Beat the blues If the color blue makes your heart beat faster, you would like to learn more about Indigo Vat Dye with Candy Glendening! Candy’s key to success? Limit vat agitation to reduce dye oxygenation.
  2. Let your room work for you Where you train – or create – is important! The artist Jill Kerttula gives insights into studio spaces and creative inspiration.
Ana attaches ribbons, laces, and scrim to a plastic-covered board to prepare for adding color with dyes and paints.
  1. More is better More variety and texture! See how Ana Sumner stabilizes her materials so she can easily paint and color them without messing up. Brilliant!
  1. Do some research Not all workouts deliver the same results. Likewise, following instructions can keep your art on track. Note that all instructions from the Quilting Arts TV Series 2600 in a are available free ebook. Hop on and download your copy today!
The view from the set of the show is full of cameras and activities. The teleprompter, cameramen and photographers all contribute to making the show a reality.
  1. Train your brain Creativity is like a muscle – it has to be trained to become stronger. At the end of each episode, Susan says, “Make time for contemporary quilting every day.” Make quilting a part of your daily routine! It’s easy to have inspiring Quilting Arts Magazine articles and fun projects from Quilting Arts TV on hand. Here’s a special offer we share with this season’s viewers: Buy a 1-year subscription to Quilting Arts Magazine and get a free digital download of the brand new Quilting Arts TV series 2600! This offer is only available on our website. Try it!

But wait – there is more! You can find more art quilts, more techniques, more great guests and much more inspiration in the Quilting Arts TV series 2600. Download the series today You can find more information on all projects in the free eBook on our website. And don’t forget what Susan says at the end of every show – Take time for contemporary quilting every day with Quilting Arts!


Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Yes, all of these techniques – and more – are covered in the new one Quilting Arts TV series 2600, now available as a video download and can be played on a PBS station near you (check your local PBS entries for times and availability.)

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