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The simplest real estate sales talks are warm talks. The second lightest? Circle around a new listing. Instead of an outdated script, you actually have messages that you can share with nearby homeowners. Although the contact is cold, these messages warm him up a bit.

The perception is that you are not promoting your business – you are sharing news and looking for a buyer for your listing. “Your neighbors at 123 Street Name have just listed their apartment,” says the district researcher.

“Do you know someone who has expressed interest in living in this neighborhood?” This makes it so much easier to target homeowners.

It is an excellent way for a new agent to do business, and for a listing agent to do business.

Circle search doesn’t make you successful overnight

But really, which lead gene technique works immediately? It takes time and consistency to familiarize yourself with leads. If you are a listing agent or you want to expand your listings, this is one of the best ways to do it.

The search for circles is not limited to new entries. A recent house sale and even an open house (if you hold them now) are good excuses to get out there and contact homeowners.

This type of prospecting is like the Trifecta – you not only build brand awareness, but “own” the neighborhood and, if you are consistent, also make a few entries.

Don’t neglect tenants

Sure, tenants don’t have a house to list, but there’s nothing wrong with picking up a few buyers, is it?

If the house is in the financial realm of tenant opportunities, be sure to include homes and condos.

Ask your favorite lender to put together an information sheet that explains the different scenarios of how a particular house fits a tenant’s budget.

You can then create a handy list of down payment and transaction support programs to complete the deal.

Circular search methods

Although visiting circles is very similar to farming, many agents only use geographic farming methods for steroids. In other words, they buy a list from a company or get a list from the title company of the homeowners within a certain radius.

The most common geographic methods of cultivation usually include two old school methods that have proven themselves: direct mail and / or knocking on the door.

The most successful district builders we spoke to also use these methods over the phone.

How do you get the home owner’s phone numbers?

We asked ourselves that too. Then we came across a video from Tom Ferry with Christina Griffin, agent in Tampa, Florida.

It offers 3 tactics to be a successful district inspector:

  • Know your strategy (yours is open house and new offers).
  • Know your resources (Christina and her team use them Cole Realty Resource and Slydial broadcasting).
  • Know your script (Christina is short and sweet and we’ll add it below).

Slydial, a “ringless voicemail messaging app”, is at the heart of Christina’s strategy. The app accepts your voicemail message and transmits it directly to the recipient’s voicemail box. In other words, their phone doesn’t ring, but they’ll get a message from you.

According to the company’s website, Cole Realty Resource offers its customers “… access to mobile phones, emails, landlines and other additional household information such as date and amount of purchase, square meters, length of stay and much more”.

Christina and the team clean up their lists to prevent them from appearing on the Do Not Call list.

The first time the team used the message leaving technique, Christina sent more than 1,200 messages and received over 175 callbacks within an hour.

The end result included “four buyer deals and two listings”. Remember this business was there from the start. With consistent tracking, the results can be astonishing.

Waiting for your script? Here it goes:

“Thanks for calling Christina Griffin from Griffin Group and Coldwell Banker. We just listed a house in your community, Promisia. If you know someone who wants to move, give us a call. “

One thing I don’t understand about the script: She called her, so why thank you? she for the call? How many recipients listen to it and think, “Wait a minute, I didn’t call them.”

The script was created by Tom Ferry and appears to be effective. So who should we question?

Of course, you want to target your script to your target audience and be as specific as possible. We thought about it and found an alternative.

“Hello, that’s Anita Deal with Coldwell Banker. I am calling to let you know that we have just listed a charming 3 bedroom house in your neighborhood. If you know someone who wants to live in Starry Knolls, please give us a call. “

Note that we omitted the team’s name – it is redundant at this point and makes the message longer than it should be.

Christina offers additional advice on how to optimize your use of resources, how the team tracks and measures your success, and much more YouTube video.

If you opt for a simple cold call, the best time to call homeowners depends on the neighborhood’s demographics, according to the Southern California agent Loida Vasquez.

“I can tell you from experience that when I call in the morning, certain cities and neighborhoods all respond,” she said in a YouTube video. “It seems that many of the owners are usually retired there …”

Calling is not the only way to contact homeowners

If you are not comfortable with any of the above methods, direct mail may be the ideal choice for you.

We mentioned the benefits of direct mail and reviewed the country’s best real estate direct mail companies to get you started.

So what are you waiting for?

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