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Mecalac, a worldwide leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction machines for urban environments, offers the AS1600 swing loader. With the unique ability to pivot the bucket 90 degrees to either side, the AS1600 – and all models in the AS Swing Loader series – is a departure from the traditional wheel loader design to deliver superior performance on any job site. A rigid frame and all-wheel steering ensure industry-leading productivity and stability when driving, operating and unloading in virtually all conditions and on any terrain. The AS1600 offers groundbreaking space management and takes up only half the space of conventional loaders for tasks such as loading trucks or unloading materials in trenches using a standard 2.1 cubic meter (1.6 cubic meter) bucket.

The key to the attractiveness of the 12-ton (10,920 kilogram) AS1600, as with all models in the AS series, lies in its innovative design, which allows it to pivot the fully loaded bucket 90 degrees on both sides. This opens up a number of ways to approach jobs differently – for example, only one lane, for example on the street, instead of the two required for the operation of conventional loaders – and changes the space management and logistics.


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