I am on a podcast! HK, Essen and Europe during the Covid Times I’m on a podcast! HK, Essen and Europe during the Covid Times : FOOD

Hello friends!

And a warm welcome to all listeners who came here from my last interview on the website Podcast to the Saverocity Observation Deck! Feel free to leave a comment to say hello or contact me on one of my social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Yes, we were on a podcast! Bryan and I had the opportunity to share experiences as Americans living in Hong Kong, getting stuck in Europe and living on this crazy time in history Saverocity observation deck, a travel hacking podcast by one of my Boston friends, Joe Cheung.

Here is the link to the podcast.

Joe is a travel and miles / points fan. It always amazes me how he can take such incredible trips with his family (THREE children!) Through his creative use of air miles, hotel points, etc. Joe has a connection to Hong Kong because his family is from Hong Kong and he lived here for a few years. We both studied chemistry at college, attended the same church in Boston, and shared a love of food, travel, music, and Disney!

Joe and I enjoy our version of Comfort Food, our church’s Chinese rice-based lunch that hasn’t changed in over 20 years.

Aside from his podcast at Saverocity observation deckJoe is the producer and co-host of another travel hacking site Miles to memoriesand a Disney planning podcast Disney decrypted. Be sure to check out his podcasts. He has excellent travel tips, especially for trips with young children.

I’m blogging again. . .

New hobbies that I picked up during the pandemic: piano! I really enjoyed learning a new piece that I learned during my school days: Chopin Scherzo Opus 31.

It’s so nice to blog again!

In fact, it was a long time. I’m not sure what exactly happened. I was on such a role and blogged a lot in the first months of this year, working diligently on my backlog at restaurants in Hong Kong and our trips to Paris, Tokyo and Thailand. And then I got stuck in mid-March, slowed my blogging (by my standards) to a creep and published posts every 2 to 4 weeks.

Be stupid while spending a weekend in Bruges and Ghent in Belgium

OK, I think a few important things have happened here. Not only did COVID-19 hit Hong Kong early (which led to our crazy 6-week unexpected detour in Europe earlier this year), we’re also right in the middle of ours third Wave of corona virus at the moment. After tasting near freedom and normalcy in Hong Kong for a few months, the world returned to the lockdown feeling we had in mid-March.

We are also dealing with a trade war between the United States and China, a new security law, and political unrest. The United States (where our whole family lives) is also going through crazy times. Needless to say, life was unprecedented and very, very different.

Din Tai Fung delivery!

Compared to the March ban (when we didn’t know what we were doing), I now feel like I know how to deal with this shelter-in-place thing. It’s pretty clear that this thing won’t go away that quickly. I found out how to deliver (Hi Din Tai Fung!), Where to order organic HK vegetables and excellent meat / seafood, and how to plan a pandemic if you really try to avoid going out.

I was surprisingly good at putting together a four-course meal in an hour. I think practice makes perfect and I have a lot of opportunities to practice. In fact, the days are beginning to mix. . .

The opportunity to do this podcast revived my motivation to start blogging again. I worked hard to organize all of my photos from our six weeks in Europe. I have a lot of fantastic food and travel stories from this surreal time, mainly in Brussels, but also trips to Bruges, Ghent, Amsterdam, Paris and London. If you would like a brief summary of my time in Europe, read this summary blog post or my social media accounts first.

Stay tuned and stay safe! See you again on this blog!

(A little insight into photos from upcoming Belgian posts!)

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