“Conservative” warns us that Trump wants to become a dictator : Islam

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Matt Lewis is another Never Trump house conservative for the left who sells leftist discussion points that are supposed to influence conservative Trump supporters, as they come from someone with such an impressive conservative pedigree. Lewis has worked for the Leadership Institute, wrote for Human Events and the Daily Caller, and received an award from the American Conservative Union. But all of that was just a warm up. Now the young Lewis has reached the big time: he served as a sidekick for the left, fueled the hysteria and division that is increasingly affecting public space today, and sniffed Trump in the Daily beast.

Demonstrate that he masters the left’s key tactics today – wild, fact-free mud throwing – Lewis writes This Trump “had almost all the skills a budding Mussolini could need. He had the demagogic appeal to a cult following, the strong tendencies (see his personal affinity for dictators), the attacks on democratic norms (his Refusing to state clearly that he will respect the election result), an unhealthy disregard for the constitution (“Article II allows me to do what I want”) and a visceral ability to undermine existing institutions to hold him accountable (“false news”, “enemies of the people”, etc.) . ”

“A cult following”? Lewis’ link leads to a CBS News photo gallery titled “Extreme Donald Trump Fans,” in which the president shows Mussolini-like activities like a kiss on the cheek of an older woman and his cult followers who show their religious passion Behave like wearing an NRA T-shirt with a “Trump: Make America Great Again” sticker attached to it.

Those who are really worried about Trump’s “demagogic appeal” should be asking when was the last time they saw a massive, cult-style poster of the President decorating a public building, like the portraits of Mao and Xi, that you see all over China. You should compare the CBS photos to old newsreel photos of the hypnotic frenzy that Adolf Hitler caused in his followers.

Does Matt Lewis believe this nonsense himself? Although he was apparently not always a leftist, he seems to have mastered the leftist’s tactics of playing with the facts quickly and easily in order to provoke a visceral reaction from his audience. There is a word for that – what was it again? Oh yes: demagogy.

As for Trump who does not accept the election results, Lewis ignores the fact that Trump, when Joe Biden claimed Trump would not voluntarily leave the White House if he lost, Trump Make clear that he would stick to the election result and resign and say, “If I don’t win, I won’t win,” and if he lost, “keep going, do other things.”

What annoys Lewis and his left-wing peers is that Trump is unlikely to emulate Richard Nixon and turn around for dirty tricks. Few people today remember that although he was called Tricky Dick and was famous for political harassment, Nixon was the victim of what was perhaps the biggest raid he was involved in. Assessment of the American Presidents: A first look at America, who is the best, who is overrated and who was an absolute disaster tells how tight the 1960 presidential election was when Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy won just 112,000 more votes than Nixon. Illinois and Texas decided the competition. Both were pretty close: if Nixon had won forty-seven thousand more votes in Texas (home of the notoriously crooked Democratic vice presidential candidate Lyndon B. Johnson) and in Illinois (where another infamous crook, the democratic engineering boss and Chicago) had ten thousand votes to Mayor Richard Daley) , he would have become president. There was significant evidence that the Kennedy machine had committed election fraud in both states, but Nixon declined to contest the election and said he did not want to plunge the country into a crisis while the Cold War was raging.

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