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You can browse templates all day, but sometimes all you have to do is see a website in action for inspiration. That’s why we’ve put together this outstanding collection of award-winning website designs. Each of these elements brings something unique to the table that is worth evaluating and possibly being emulated on your own website.

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Envato elements

Example from everyday experiments

When you visit this website you will be faced with a highly interactive experience. Each “experiment” is interactive and when scrolling and clicking further content unfolds.

Example from Un printemps suspendu

Here is another compelling design that will delight you. This page follows the journey of two mountain guides and skiers while fully immersed in full-screen video and 3D-rendered, seemingly immersive menu options.

Example from canvas

And then there’s canvas. This page is intended for a design and development studio that presents its portfolio in a unique way. A real combination of form and function through innovative loading screens, parallax effects and cursor accents.

Example from is a website for a digital agency that offers a truly unique interactive experience. When hovering, your cursor movements manipulate the main subject above the fold. However, when you click the emoji hand, the object rotates and rotates.

Example from superfluid

This is another site with super interesting interactive effects that are shown, hidden and swiped up. Product lists change with the hover and the entire surfing experience should tempt you to buy.

Example from Blackmeal

This website for a motion design studio is fun straight away. The large graphics interact while floating and offer a warm greeting. After clicking, a portfolio is displayed that expands as you scroll.

Example from 14islands

Here’s a fun one! 14islands is a design and development studio. Your website is playful and informative. It has a custom cursor, unique hover effects and parallax scrolling.

Example from Altermind

Get ready for a trip on the Altermind website. This advisory website uses parallax effects that work both vertically and horizontally.

Example from Khoa Lê

Khoa Le is a filmmaker and this website serves as a digital portfolio. Further parallax effects as well as videos in full width and interesting hover effects are presented here.

Example from Delassus

Delassus is a website for a manufacturer of avocados, tomatoes and other products. The site is super colorful, convincing and interactive.

Example from Beans Digital Marketing Agency

Another top choice is the Beans Digital Marketing Agency. This website offers a unique variant of the traditional website of a marketing agency with full-width videos and an entertaining and lively campaign that corresponds to the parallax effects and fascinating loading effects.

Example of JazzKeys

This is a super cool website design! The JazzKeys site responds to your keyboard input and creates a spontaneous jazz masterpiece.

Example from listening together

Spotify’s Listening Together website reaches new design heights. It has an interactive, three-dimensional graphic of a globe. When you click on a location, you can hear a song snippet being streamed from there. Then the site will match you to another place where the same song is playing. Innovative!

Example from Moooi

What an adorable site design that is! The Moooi website offers a comprehensive surfing experience with video and audio to showcase the brand’s products.

Example from portfolio

The portfolio website is aimed at a graphic and interface designer. It offers the sweetest loading screen ever and interesting parallax, hover and cursor effects.

Example of Gucci Mascara Hunt

What a new way to advertise a product! This website is an interactive game that promoted a new mascara.

Example from sub-promise

The Sub-Promise website offers an interactive experience that appeals to those who deeply appreciate both visual and literary art.

Example from Agora

Another site worth visiting is Agora. It was developed to promote a payment processing service and an app. This is done using a truly immersive and interactive parallax design.

Example from Olivier Gillaizeau

And if you need more inspiration for designing portfolio websites, this uses a timeline style layout for a creative director with stylish hover effects, parallax scrolling, and lots of color.

Example from Clmt.

Here is a website for a photographer and art director that offers unique scrolling effects and an overall appealing look.

Example from & tradition

And here’s another example of a website that advertises products in an innovative way. This website uses slideshow headers, hover effects, and large photos to draw visitors’ attention.

Example from HENGE

Last on our list is a website for a design agency with full-width videos, parallax effects, auto-play slideshows, and extensive gallery-style presentations.

Use these award-winning website designs as inspiration

When you’re trying to build a website, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, there are many award-winning website designs that serve as solid inspiration for your next project. Stop walking in the dark, this collection of websites should get your creative juices flowing.

Good luck!

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