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The winners of the International eLearning Association Awards

Savv-e is proud to have partnered with Royal Life Saving (RLS) to become the 2020 International International eLearning Association (IELA) award winner in the Blended Learning – Business Division category.

The prizes were awarded in New York and serve to further develop the knowledge and practice of eLearning at schools and universities as well as at the workplace. They are awarded every year for the best work in the areas of e-learning, mobile learning and blended learning.

The eLearning course aimed to transform RLS ‘current Pool Lifeguard course of pre-course workbooks and classroom training into a more engaging and memorable experience for learners using a mixed delivery solution. Savv-e was commissioned to convert the material into a 7×15 minute module suite covering the main components of the course prior to the course, thereby allowing more time for the practical elements of the role such as water rescue and CPR.

Royal Life Saving is delighted to have won this award. We are committed to the highest safety standards in water centers, and training pool lifeguards is critical to this. We are always looking for innovative ways to enable appealing and interactive safety-oriented learning. Our partnership with Savv-e has enabled us to create feature rich multimedia course content that combines critical skill learning with professional design and functionality.

Shaun Jackson, National Manager, Training and Personnel Development at RLS

The module suite was framed by a situation decision consequence model due to the lifeguard’s quick decision making. After completing the blended learning modules, the learner completes a two-day face-to-face course that covers what has been taught in eLearning, with a focus on practical application. Using live and video demonstrations that show real situations, learners develop and practice their skills to respond to rescue and emergency care scenarios.

The new pre-course material for the Pool Lifeguard course should be a catalyst for a fresh and more contemporary approach to training for RLS.

The module suite is fully accessible, can be accessed across multiple browsers and platforms and is compatible with SCORM 1.2.

The digital blended learning modules were largely accepted by the RLS management team and the learners themselves. The general assumption has led to 2,000 new participants in NSW, WA, Tasmania, and the ACT since their publication – which represents a significant growth in programs in these states. These results indicate increased acceptance and the learners deal with the program more cost-effectively and efficiently. New lifeguards have instant access to learning instead of waiting for course materials to be mailed.

Savv-e is satisfied with the result of the introduction of digital blended learning by RLS and is proud to have received an award at IELA. We look forward to working with Royal Life Saving again.

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